The Pros and Cons of Social Sites

Of all social networking sites, Facebook has proved to be matchless. This does not however mean that these social networks do not have their dangers. Since you supply your personal details in these social networking sites, the fact is that you can be stalked by strangers.
Also, many students are getting trouble with university administrators by uploading photos that are deemed to be a violation of the universities or college's rules and regulations. Many of the information and photos the students upload are deemed a violation of the college's rules and or the code of conduct. However, the fact is that many universities or the colleges do not so much follow the student's conduct on these social networking sites. If this were the Case, they would follow the student's postings on these social networks and incriminate them on the grounds of what they post.

In addition, students are being turned down by employers because of the information they have posted on their social networking accounts. The employers have a way of knowing what the students have posted on their social networking accounts. However, many students have known this and are using some fake names in their social networking sites.
Both obscene and inappropriate pictures have proved to be a real cause why students are turned down by their prospective employers. During interviews for internships and jobs as well, students have been turned down by employers on the grounds of what they have posted on their social networking sites. Many employers have faced the interviewees during the face-to-face interrogations and have questioned them about the implications of their postings on social networking sites.
However, this is not to say that these sites are not the best way to use chat rooms with millions of people worldwide. These sites have proved to be the only way to chat with millions of people who have similar opinions and goals in life.
These sites can be a way through which students can acquaint with the people whom they could not have had the opportunity to meet physically. For example, the students of a particular university or college have the advantage of socializing with students of the same university or college, the ones who left before, the alumni, as well as lecturers.
Because of social networks, the idea of meeting a person physically has become outdated. People can get to know each other and share exhaustively using social networks. For example, poking has replaced the traditional handshake. Making new friendships and renewing old ones has become a very easy thing as one of the benefits of social networking sites. Thus, social networks have become very simplified because of social networks.
Furthermore, some on line networking companies have begun offering advertising services to their subscribers. For example, the Facebook has become a great way of advertising or announcing some future events and occasions. Of more importance, social networking sites have helped many young people portray as well as create the best self-image. For example, the profiling gives many young people an opportunity to front the best self-image of them.

Written by Erika.

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