Horoscopes and Their Rich History

While reading your horoscopes in the Sunday paper, have you ever wondered what the history of the horoscopes is? Horoscopes are a way of predicting ones future using the position of astrology on the person’s day of birth. Horoscopes are becoming very popular on things like the newspaper, magazines, Facebook, or online, however, it is important to have a bit of a background when reading such things.


Early horoscopes

Astrology is the idea of searching for a prediction in the sky. This is something that has been studied since humans have been studying seasonal changes through astronomy cycles. Evidence has been found of this that links back to 25,000 years ago, and this was done by recording the way the moon influenced bodies of water. Things like plants or crops were also said to be affected from constellations, since the way the stars were aligned apparently changed the seasons, and this had an effect on foods.
An example of the astrology being used is about Sumerian ruler Gudea of Lagash in 2144 BCE. He claimed that gods told him in a dream that the stars would be in his favor for the construction of his temple. However, the oldest form of evidence was linked back to the first dynasty of Mesopotamia.

Linking the US to horoscopes

In the United States, there was a large interest in astrology and horoscopes between 1900 and 1949. There was an astrologer in NYC that was named Evangeline Adams, and this woman was one who gave citizens astrology readings. She was then charged with “illegal fortune telling” around 1914, and later this was dismissed because she read the horoscope for the judges son with nothing more than his day of birth.
In the 20th century, astrology was quite popular in America. Between 1920 and 1940, things like newspapers and magazines began to post daily horoscopes. Publishers thrived off of this, and this was also affected by the entry of the World War. Forecasts were based on only one thing: the month and day of birth. The horoscopes were concluded from the position of the sun, and where it is while the person was born. Books and magazines about astrology were later published.


Predictions made through horoscopes

Something that is commonly discussed through astrologers is the world ending. In 1186, which was thousands of years ago, there was a prediction of the world ending. This of course did not happen; however, a man named Stoffler still seemed to successfully predict a drought in 1524. It was said that in that same year, his heavens told him that there would be a large flood caused by Pisces (the aqueous sign). This of course, happened. Thankfully we had Noah’s ark.
Another prediction was made by French astrologer known as Nostradamus. He made a series of prophecies called Centuries. This was in a cryptic verse, and ironically, his predictions have been relating to many events such as the French and English Revolutions and the Second World War. Later, he was instructed to show the French court the horoscopes of the royalty’s children. Catherine de Medici supported him long after this incident.
This is all some useful information to keep in mind while searching for horoscopes. Many times, people are not aware of the history of astrology when casually looking at their astrology sign in the newspaper. Astrology, in fact, dates back to ancient history, and many of our ancestors used horoscopes to predict things that would be happening in everyday life. These horoscopes that we are provided with today can be useful to us as well, so we should appreciate the history of them.


Chinese Horoscopes

The Chinese also have their own horoscopes based on the use of animals as horoscope signs. The animals are the rat, tiger, ox, rabbit, snake, dragon, monkey, horse, boar or pig, sheep, dog and rooster. Each of these animals represents different things. For instance, the Rat signifies the protector and one who brings material prosperity. Though it is an animal which is associated with wealth, aggression, charm, and order, the Chinese believe that it has relationship with death, the occult, war, atrocities and pestilence. The Ox represents prosperity through hard work and fortitude. In case of the Tiger, it is believed that it is an animal that brings good fortune, royalty and power, while being respected and feared. The fourth animal is the Rabbit, which symbolizes a position of power in the society.

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