Twitter Marketing Tips And Suggestions

Social networking has taken the world by storm. One of the most common social networks is Twitter. Users cannot wait to find out what is trending and who may have mentioned them. For a business, Twitter can help to push it into the next level of marketing. Here are some great tips for using Twitter to market your business.

Be Real

Be real. The first and most important tip is to be sure your followers see you as a person. If they view you as a business spam robot, you will get ignored and possibly reported. Make sure you are not tweeting constant advertisements for your product. Most of your tweets should be information about a topic that is related to your product. Let your followers see that you actually want to provide them with information. Reply to their tweets. When they view you as a real person, they will be much more likely to pay attention when you mention your product.

Use Twitter Search

Use the search. Search Twitter for conversations that are related to your topic. Don't forget to search both hashtags and normal keywords. When you find conversations, be on the look out for questions or problems. Use the @username format to Tweet answers or solutions back to the people involved in that conversation. Don't use this as a method of spamming your business. Instead, provide helpful content that establishes your Twitter account and website as a content authority.

Connect On Twitter

Make the right connections. Most Internet marketers understand that they need targeted traffic from Google. Many do not realize that they need the same thing from Twitter. It is not about how many generic followers you may have. It is more about how many targeted followers you have. Make sure you are following the right people. Find those people who are interested in your topic or product. Then, become a part of their lives.

Build A Community

Build your own community. If someone tweets about your product or website, pay attention. Use software like Hootsuite or TweetDeck that helps you monitor and keep track of when you are mentioned. If someone went to the trouble to mention you or your product, they are marketing for you. So, give them a shout out in return. Some people take it a step further and create a list just for people who tweet about them or their product. When you make people feel special, they develop a bond with you that makes them more likely to trust you and pay attention to what you say.
Don't be afraid to admit mistakes. For businesses, Twitter has a downside. Customers can tweet at you or about you when they are unsatisfied with your service or product. With the design of Twitter, you can ignore those tweets, but you cannot hide them from everyone else. The way you handle those tweets can make a difference in how people view your business. Don't ignore them. Don't be afraid to admit mistakes. If you messed up, admit it. Try to remedy that with a customer and make a point of tweeting the solution back to them. Then, move on and learn from that mistake.
Don't use Twitter for marketing your product. This may seem like a contradiction to the rest of the article. However, it may be the best tip of all. Most people are not actually going to click a link from a tweet to purchase a product. So, stop focusing on using Twitter to get people to buy. Instead, focus on using Twitter to encourage people to become a member of your website community. Once they become a part of that community, they will be more receptive to your product. Use the website to sell.

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