5 Popular Dance Styles from Past Decades

People who are looking for ways to connect with their elderly parents or grandparents should look into learning the popular dance styles from the past. Their parents or grandparents might not understand or be interested in the latest and greatest trends. But when people make an attempt to understand where they came from and what they grew up with they will be able to grow closer to their loved ones.

1. Waltz
One really great dance style from the past is the traditional waltz. This timeless dance is a classic. People can literally feel like they have stepped back in time when they head to the floor to begin the dance. Taking an elderly family member out for dinner and then dancing will lead to wonderful memories that they can share. They can hear all about the past waltzes that their family member danced and learn so much more about their life.

2. Ballet
The next great dance style is ballet. Even if this is not a dance that they could participate in, they can still go to performances to get to enjoy this style of dance in a performance setting. Going to a show is a great way to show their love of dance without getting overly tired or worn out. It is the perfect idea for an elderly person who can’t move around much anymore. They are sure to love it!

3. Tango
The third great dance style from the past is the Tango. This dance is known as a dance of romance and love. The people that got to participate in this dance will have some great stories to tell. The dance is all about expression and is very different then the crazy dances done today at clubs. Elderly people will love getting to participate in these kinds of dances again.

4. and 5. Square Dance and Electric Slide
The forth/fifth great dance style is a tie between the square dance and the electric slide. These dances are referred to step dances. They are a ton of fun and easy to catch on to. Anyone who tries these dances will have a ton of fun.
When people are involved with their elders they can make sure that they are getting the proper care in the facility that they are living in. Learning about the past dances and being involved with the lives is a great way to build trust and know if there are any problems going on currently with their living situation. If there is anything going on that shouldn't be taking place, then its important to contact a nursing home neglect lawyer to get help immediately. No matter what the age of our parents or grandparents, they all desrve to be respected and treated well

About the Author:
Micah Castro is a freelance writer for Phoenix nursing home neglect lawyer, H Micheal Wright, who is dedicated to helping those who are suffering from elder abuse.

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