Birdeye's 2024 Report Reveals Emerging Trends in Google Business Profile Usage

Birdeye, the leading digital customer experience and online reputation management solution, today announced the release of its in-depth report, "State of Google Business Profiles 2024." This groundbreaking report offers an in-depth analysis of how businesses across various industries utilize Google Business Profiles (GBPs) to enhance their online presence, engage customers, and gain deeper insights into consumer behavior.

Birdeye's 2024 Report Reveals Emerging Trends in Google Business Profile Usage

"In today's digital-first landscape, Google Business Profiles have become essential in shaping how businesses get found and attract customers on Google," said Anil Panguluri, SVP Product of Birdeye. "As the partner with the most integrations across Google, Birdeye is uniquely positioned to provide strategic insights for businesses to stand out in local search and unleash the full potential of GBP."

The report, drawing data from Birdeye's extensive customer base of over 150,000 local businesses, delves into the pivotal role of GBPs in digital marketing. It highlights the evolving trends, challenges, and opportunities in GBP utilization, offering valuable insights for businesses to thrive in the digital era.

Key findings from the report include:
  • Verification Rate: 64% of businesses have verified their GBPs, with sectors like Property Management, Hospitality, and Healthcare leading in verification rates.
  • Google Messages Adoption: Google Messages is used by 33% of verified GBPs, with notable adoption in the Legal, Consumer Goods & Services, and Automotive industries.
  • Search View Dominance: Verified businesses average 1,803 monthly views from Google searches, with Hospitality leading in search views.
  • Engagement Metrics: On average, a verified GBP receives about 200 clicks/interactions per month, with 48% of these being website clicks.
  • Traffic Drive Sectors: Local businesses average 105 monthly website visits from verified GBPs, with the Recreation, Hospitality, and Automotive sectors driving the most traffic.

SOURCE Birdeye
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