Trac Core Launches 'Trac Core for TAP Protocol,' Discovering the Future of Secure Bitcoin Indexing

Trac Core announces the launch of its groundbreaking crypto technology, 'Trac Core for TAP Protocol,' marking a significant stride in secure data indexing on Bitcoin. Trac Core's technology revolves around decentralized data indexing, driven by Ordinal-based metaprotocol tokens. The ambitions of Trac Core, however, extend beyond this to include standalone protocols such as TAP, PIPE, and others.

Trac Core Launches 'Trac Core for TAP Protocol,' Discovering the Future of Secure Bitcoin Indexing

The release of 'Trac Core for TAP Protocol' equips developers and projects with an efficient, BTC-native solution, simplifying operational environment setup and eliminating complex processes associated with Bitcoin Core and Ord Wallet. With a single command, users can join the Trac Indexing Network and focus on developing innovative projects without worrying about other crypto assets.

"This technology forms the foundation for future BRC protocols, building upon the composability of external and internal functions for Bitcoin tools to come," says Trac Systems Chief Strategy Officer, Alex Philippine. "Above all, we're looking ahead to the future of unshakably secure Bitcoin inscribing and indexing, and our foremost goal is to continue serving this community."

The Trac Core Network operates as a peer-to-peer network, bringing together indexers and validators to form the robust Trac Indexing Network. Indexers commit their results to the Trac Network, while validators ensure data accuracy and reward indexers. Peers—or readers—receive validated index data, supporting various applications developed within the community.

Trac Core leverages the widely adopted NodeJS development platform, operating on compact devices to allow multiple protocol instances on a single machine for increased sustainability. In essence, Trac Core sets the international benchmark for future indexing ecosystems with its unmatched efficiency and digitized safety.

Trac Core for TAP Protocol is now available for immediate use, with Bitmap Parcels, Ordinals, Wallets, and Doginals technology soon to follow. Phases II and III will introduce tools, apps, indexer packages, and the final deployment of incentives, spanning 2024.

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