TORO BRAVO 4X4, reveals a first look of the WORK+PLAY+EXPLORE modular overlander, the Silver Spear. The all-in-one work truck, RV, and toy hauler, giving customers a multifunctional user experience, is now in production and available through RV Dealerships, with a MSRP of $299,000. The only 4x4 RV produced in Michigan, TORO BRAVO 4x4 begins production of its new Silver Spear RV assembled by Roush in Detroit, Michigan in January 2024 with first deliveries beginning March 2024.


Disrupting the adventure automotive category, Silver Spear is a Michigan made RV and will be built off a Ford F-450 chassis offering Ford's 4x4 acclaimed dependability.

"We're proud to create this vehicle in a city and state whose innovation is at an all-time high and whose passion for automotive culture matches ours," notes CEO & Founder Jeff Rohrer. "We are committed to durability, excellence and a price that will democratize 4x4 off-grid overlanding. The Silver Spear brings new-to-market features including a rear tailgate that opens for practical loading and unloading of work tools, equipment, gear, and toys."

For contractors, business owners and remote workers, the Silver Spear's modular design, open floor plan and back ramp makes the design perfect for multiple work applications allowing the space to be customized based on the customer's preferred use. The vehicle transforms from day to night or weekday to weekend, offering a queen-sized bed, stainless steel shower, wet bath, two ceiling mounted bunk beds, and a portable 25-gallon Dual-Zone powered cooler. The ramp has a dual use when positioned at 90 degrees, transforming into a porch, cook station, or workbench.

For remote working or getting off the grid, the Silver Spear supports 6 solar panels, 600 amp hours of battery storage, 30 gallons of freshwater storage, and 30 gallons of greywater storage. The Silver Spear also features a modular 3D printed kitchen system unlike any product in the market. Toro Bravo has selected top-market components for the vehicle's awning, ramp, doors, windows, heat, water heater, air conditioning, and a massive solar array that are backed by world class companies who are well known and respected in the RV marketplace.

"There is nothing else on the market like the Silver Spear, designed for contractors, hunters, fisherman, families, people who like to haul toys and those who would prefer to haul gear to the outdoors instead of hauling their living room to a campsite like the rest of the RV's on the market. There is a new generation of RV customers and overlanders looking for a vehicle like the Silver Spear and now it has arrived." says Rohrer. "With RV sales expected to see a 22% to 24% growth industry wide from 2023 to 2024 according to the RV Association, the Toro Bravo 4x4 Silver Spear stands out from competitors, many of which are 4x2 with limits to roadside travel and off-road capabilities. Silver Spear users can choose the roads less traveled and get away from the crowds in shore power campgrounds with all the comforts of home."

Built for hardcore exploration, the Silver Spear features factory four-wheel drive running on 35-inch BFG K02 tires, interior toy hauling, and towing capability for boats, jet skis, UTVs, horse trailers, and more. The Silver Spear is ready to set up camp wherever the user may want to go in the great outdoors. Finally, customers have a choice and a voice in the future of RV innovation, outdoor mobility, and work trucks.

SOURCE Toro Bravo 4x4
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