TweetDeck is officially becoming a paid service

The social network X, formerly known as Twitter, seems to be finally making good on its vow to charge for TweetDeck. Many users on X claim to be seeing a sales page for X Premium (the subscription that was originally Twitter Blue) when they attempt to open TweetDeck, which is now officially known as XPro, according to social media expert Matt Navarra.

TweetDeck is officially becoming a paid service

A few of us haven’t run into the block yet, but given how many people are saying that they can’t access XPro unless they pay, we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time.

X announced on July 3rd that it would be making XPro a subscriber-only function, so we were, regrettably, aware of this development. The shift was supposed to take place "in 30 days," however the corporation slightly missed its own timeline.

With additions like longer posts, formatting, ad revenue split, and greater rankings in conversations and searches, X has attempted to make X Premium a more enticing subscription under owner Elon Musk; now, the business thinks that access to XPro will be well for paying for. a checkmark in blue.

Before the business acquired it in 2011, TweetDeck was among the most widely used third-party Twitter programs. Its capability for many accounts and bespoke feeds made it a potent tool for journalists, marketers, and other professionals who routinely utilized Twitter for work-related purposes.

Given that, charging for TweetDeck and putting a Pro in the name makes sense. But it still sucks to have to pay for a useful tool that was free before.
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