Aspen Creek Digital Corporation Expands Operations with New Solar Powered Bitcoin Mining Center in Texas

Aspen Creek Digital Corporation (ACDC), a renewable bitcoin mining operator, announced that its second high performance computing center (HPCC) co-located with renewable energy commenced operations in Texas. The 30MW data center is capable of hosting 10,000 ASIC miners and is connected behind-the-meter with a new 87MW solar farm.

Aspen Creek Digital Corporation Expands Operations with New Solar Powered Bitcoin Mining Center in Texas

This project represents additional power generation resources for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), as well as valuable controllable load resources that expand the reach of renewables by stabilizing the grid.

ACDC has entered into a hosting agreement with Compass Mining to host 27MW of capacity at the facility to be deployed in Q4 2022. Compass Mining is a bitcoin-first, proof-of-work mining company on a mission to strengthen Bitcoin's network by democratizing hash rate by offering easy procurement and deployment of mining machines for institutional and retail clients. ACDC's facility will represent one of the largest renewable-based facilities currently hosting Compass Mining client units.

"Following our successful Series A funding, we're excited to announce even more growth. We are working hard to build the world's leading fleet of renewably powered data centers by implementing our 3GW+ pipeline of wind, solar and battery generation by 2025," said Alexandra DaCosta, CEO of ACDC. "Our mission is to create a sustainable source of renewable energy to power our operations and put renewables back on the grid. We're thrilled to partner with Compass Mining to expand access to renewably powered Bitcoin mining."

"Compass Mining continues to seek out high quality hosting providers such as ACDC that benefit our mining clients' uptime and reliability. ACDC's pairing of low cost, renewable energy with mining operational excellence is difficult to find in today's current market. We're pleased to work with their team," said Thomas Heller, co-founder and co-CEO of Compass Mining.

Earlier this year, ACDC announced its first bitcoin mining center, a 6MW High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) co-located behind-the-meter with a 10MW solar farm, commenced operations in west Colorado. In late September, ACDC announced an $8 million Series A financing round led by Galaxy Digital and Polychain Capital.

ACDC's upcoming third project is a 150MW HPCC co-located behind-the-meter with a 200MW solar farm that will become operational by mid-2023.

SOURCE Aspen Creek Digital Corporation
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