Lorex Technology Launches 4K Wi-Fi Security Camera

Lorex Technology, one of the most trusted names in home and business security, is announcing a new addition to their industry-leading line of smart security products: the Lorex 4K Spotlight Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera with Smart Security Lighting.

Lorex Technology Launches 4K Wi-Fi Security Camera

Clarity with speed. Lorex is first to market with this innovative 4K Wi-Fi security camera with Smart Security Lighting and Wi-Fi 6 Technology. Wi-Fi 6 produces faster transmission with less downloading time to produce the impressive resolution quality without impacting other internet activities. This camera also produces clear nighttime footage in any lighting conditions, thanks to Color Night Vision and Infrared Night Vision.

"We wanted to create a Wi-Fi Camera that provides customers with the highest video quality, supported by Wi-Fi 6, with the latest technology and features," said Leroy Lo, IoT Product Manager at Lorex. "We also wanted to give our customers the ability to personalize their security with Smart Security Lighting."

Smart Security Lighting allows the customer to change and set the camera's LED band to their liking with a choice of 16.7 million colors. Set specific light colors for motion events and camera modes to create customized lighting cues.

"Another focus of ours was to offer the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with Smart Motion Detection Plus, which helps to reduce unwanted notifications and false alarms."

Smart Motion Detection Plus provides four key AI Detection modes to send informative notifications, such as Person, Vehicle, Animal and Package Detection. The user can be more aware of activity around their property, for instance when a package is delivered, a guest arrives, a car pulls into the driveway, or a pet has wandered outside.

Communication is key. With 2-Way Talk, users can speak directly to visitors with the camera's built-in microphone and speaker. If they are busy or have their hands full, they can easily select a pre-set Quick Response message to speak for them. For instance, "Please leave the package at the door," or "We'll be right there."

Privacy is a priority. The pre-installed 32GB MicroSD means users can keep their video recordings private and secure, without having to store them in the cloud. Access all camera's features and video recordings with no additional monthly fees or recurring costs.

Users will have durable and robust security year-round as the camera has an IP65 weather-resistant rating. The camera can withstand various conditions, from rain, wind or snow to hot and humid temperatures.

Build your security the way you want. Create a custom Lorex Smart Security Ecosystem by adding additional Lorex Wi-Fi cameras, video doorbells, floodlights and sensors. As part of the Fusion Collection, the user can add this camera to a Fusion recorder for more storage, 24/7 continuous recording and the ability to pair with Lorex Fusion Wired security systems.

The Lorex 4K Spotlight Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera retails for $229.99USD and is now available for sale on Lorex.com, Amazon and coming soon to regional and national retailers.

SOURCE Lorex Technology

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