Infotools Releases Paper on Future-Proofing Market Research Careers

Infotools, a global leader in market research analysis solutions, has released a new paper "Keeping ahead of the curve: Three things market research & insights professionals need to know to future-proof their careers." The publication uses insights gathered from industry experts via more than 30 episodes of the Infotools' podcast, plus the company's 30-plus years in the insights space. It takes an in-depth look at data quality, new methodologies, and balancing the human element of a career in market research.

Infotools Releases Paper on Future-Proofing Market Research Careers

"Over the past few months, we've been lucky enough to speak with a huge number of insights professionals on our Now that's Significant podcast", said Ant Franklin, CEO of Infotools. "Our guests consistently touched a few key themes facing those in the insights and market research space right now, and we take a close look at them in this paper through the lens of our extensive experience in the market research industry."

"Keeping ahead of the curve" helps market researchers prove value and keep their careers on track by raising awareness about key issues facing the industry as a whole. The top three topics covered in the paper include:Data quality: Diving into supply chain issues, evolving fraud challenges, respondent engagement and more, the paper covers the intricacies of the issues affecting data quality, and how to combat them.

New methodologies: Understanding that holistic audience views are critical in today's landscape, the paper explores new methodologies for more complete data, as well as the importance of integrating multiple data sources together.
Human element: From balancing technology implementation with human skills, to finding balance in an increasingly demanding job, the paper gives tips on how to reach full potential in a market research career path.

Franklin continued, "If there's one thing that recent global disruptions have done, they have caused many to take a closer look at some of the challenges facing the insights industry, and how they must be addressed. Readers will uncover some key information needed to stay relevant and competitive in the face of these evolving trends."

The full paper can be found here:

SOURCE Infotools
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