Travel photography blog Capture the Atlas has published the 5th edition of their annual Milky Way Photographer of the Year, a collection featuring the best 25 photos of the Milky Way taken around the world. This compilation is always published in late May during the peak of the Milky Way season, and it is aimed at inspiring and sharing the beauty of our galaxy.


This year's list includes images that were taken in 12 countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Egypt, France, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Japan, and China by 25 photographers of 14 different nationalities.

The quality of the image, the story behind the shot, and the overall inspiration that the photograph can provide are the main factors for selecting the images every year. The article not only helps other photographers who want to photograph the Milky Way, but also brings our galaxy closer so everyone can learn and discover more about our Milky Way.

Dan Zafra, editor of Capture the Atlas, curates these photos throughout the year. He looks not only for images taken by some of the most renowned photographers, but also for new talents and for new locations where the Milky Way hasn't been photographed before, such as the Tibet and Xinjiang images in this year's edition.

Capture the Atlas is a travel and photography blog that helps others plan their trips and improve their photography. Their main focus is landscape and astrophotography, and their articles include photography guides, tutorials, and inspiration.

SOURCE: 2022 Milky Way photographer of the year

SOURCE Capture the Atlas

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