Global smart wearables brand Amazfit, owned by Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP) has created its toughest and most advanced watch to date with the launch of the T-Rex 2. Having passed 15 military-grade toughness tests[2], the new rugged outdoor GPS smartwatch can accompany users in extremely challenging environments, combining dual-band and 5 satellites and 10 ATM water resistance, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventurers and sports enthusiasts.


With additional sports modes, new navigation functions and comprehensive health monitoring, the T-Rex 2 supports adventure lovers and outdoor fitness enthusiasts to push their limits no matter how or where they explore.

The T-Rex 2 is the third edition of the Amazfit T-Rex series. The enhanced functions of the T-Rex 2 aim to further allow outdoor loving adventurers, such as surfers and hikers, to record their personalised health data wherever they get their fitness fix.

Never miss an adventure

No adventure is out of reach with the T-Rex 2. The new device supports hikers, climbers, trail runners and adventurers to explore unfamiliar terrain through its route trajectory navigation, real-time navigation, and journey tracking functions[4]. It also uses direct-return navigation to show the shortest straight line[5] back to the start of a journey. The built-in barometric altimeter and compass are perfect for those who want to conquer new heights and discover untrodden paths. With the new route import function, users can import pre-selected routes and follow them using the watch.

With dual-band positioning and support for five satellite navigation systems, it can more effectively reduce environmental interference, and achieve faster search speed and more precise positioning[6].

Ultra-long battery life and added sports modes that reach new depths

As with all Amazfit devices, the battery life is ultra-long lasting and powerful enough to run for 24 days - meaning no adrenaline fuelled wilderness retreat will need to be cut short.

The T-Rex 2 also features 150+ sports modes - now including triathlon, hunting, fishing, golf swing and surfing mode[7] - and with a 10 ATM grade can resist water-pressure equivalent to a depth of up to 100m, to accompany wearers as they surf or swim.

24-hour health management at the touch of a button

The watch also has built-in 24-hour health management[8] functions through its self-developed 6PD (six photodiodes) BioTracker™, so users can get data that matters quickly and effectively. This includes the monitoring of heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation and stress levels all at the same time to get a personalised evaluation. With Amazfit's easy one-tap measuring[9], users can also measure four different health metrics[10] - heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation, stress level and breathing rate - in as little as 45 seconds.

Tough from the inside out

The watch is tough enough to be operated[11] in temperatures as low as -30°C and resist temperatures as low as -40°C and high as +70°C, proving that it is a trusted companion even under extreme conditions. The Amazfit T-Rex 2 is capable of functioning through heat waves, humid rainforests and polar glaciers.

Design inspired by nature

The four colour palettes are the perfect match for outdoor adventurers and bring style, texture and durability together as one. The clarity of the 1.39" HD AMOLED colour screen, high resolution and always-on display also means the wearer will never have to stop their activity to track progress or any important information. With a larger screen, it's never been easier to monitor your data whilst on the move.

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 launches globally on 24th May, 2022 (GTM+1) with pricing starting from €229.9 in Europe. It will be available for pre-sale on the Amazfit Amazon stores in Italy and France on 1st June, 2022, and also on the Italy, France and Germany Amazfit stores on 1st June, 2022. The Amazfit T-Rex 2 will be made available in more countries throughout June 2022.

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SOURCE Amazfit
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