World's First Voice NFT sells out in 10 minutes!

The world's first voice NFT, Voiceverse Origins, launched with 8,888 NFTs on January 29th and sold out in less than 10 minutes of public sale, a highly rare occurrence for NFT collections stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

World's First Voice NFT sells out in 10 minutes!

Founded by 3 BAYC members, Voiceverse looks to pioneer the NFT space into the next generation of NFTs containing high intrinsic utility, allowing holders to own a voice in the metaverse. WIth Voice NFTs, people can now customize their Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs with a voice, adding another dimension of personalization and pseudonymity.

Holders can:
1) Use the voices in metaverse spaces, from games to video calls and more.
2) Create a Voice NFT of their own voice, or with explicit permission, those of their loved ones.
3) Mix different Voice NFTs to "breed" a new voice NFT.
4) Add voices to their existing PFP NFTs, giving them a whole new life.

Voiceverse is powered by LOVO, its parent company based out of San Francisco and Seoul, with a strong track record in the AI Speech Synthesis space. As a venture capital-backed startup with partnerships with celebrity voice actors, Voiceverse has entered the NFT scene with considerable momentum. Partnerships include voice actors such as Charlet Chung, Andy Milonakis and Jonny Cruz.

After a week of pre-sale, Voiceverse Origins sold out in 10 minutes and has been trending in all categories on OpenSea. It has also been consistently in the top 10 for sales volume (by count). Given its background in AI and speech synthesis, Voiceverse looks to shake up the industry and spark a trend towards 2nd gen NFTs.

Voiceverse NFT OpenSea:

SOURCE LOVO; Voiceverse
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