Next Generation Easy-to-Use Digital Crypto Wallet Adds New Blockchain Support and Interactive Features for NFTs

Nufinetes announced today that its wallet app for blockchain-based assets has released a feature-packed update that'll take users' wallet experiences to new heights.

Next Generation Easy-to-Use Digital Crypto Wallet Adds New Blockchain Support and Interactive Features for NFTs

With this update, iOS, Android, and desktop users can engage with NFTs directly within the app, as well as access a range of blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps). The standout feature allows SmartNFT holders using VIMworld's NFT Utility Platform to feed and feast their NFTs right within the app. And that's not all - other NFTs available on the platform, including the freshly released 2022 Winter Collection Boxes, can now be viewed and transferred to different addresses.

Nufinetes has also added Polygon support, so you can view and transfer Polygon NFTs and tokens. With a growing list of blockchain support that already includes BSC Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Vechain, users have flexibility to choose and the opportunity to keep all their digital assets in one place. The app allows different dApps to link to different wallet addresses simultaneously, making for a seamless user experience across the web3 environment and various blockchain networks.

In addition to these substantial upgrades, Nufinetes has made a variety of optimizations to improve the user experience. From transferring digital assets to the security verification process when creating or importing wallets, users can now expect a smoother and faster experience than ever before. And with several notable performance enhancements, such as increased speed for wallet balance retrieval and optimized connections to various communication protocols, Nufinetes's blockchain interactions will be more stable than ever, improving links with simultaneous dApps.

Packed with advanced features and built by an expert technical team, the Nufinetes wallet is a digital asset powerhouse that puts user experience and security first. And with compatibility on any browser, device, or operating system, users can take their virtual wallet on the go.

About Nufinetes

Nufinetes is a comprehensive multi-chain wallet created by the development team at VIMworld that can be used across multiple popular blockchains, allowing users to interact with dApps, view NFT collections and store tokens in a secure, slick environment. Grab the Nufinetes wallet from - compatible with mobile OS, device or web browser of choice.

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