Indigo Introduces New Class of Smooth, Roomy, Affordable EVs for Rideshare and Delivery at CES 2022

Indigo Technologies, an automotive OEM delivering an entirely new class of smooth, roomy and affordable electric vehicles (EVs), is introducing two new vehicle designs aimed at the rideshare and delivery market – Indigo FLOW™ and FLOW PLUS™– at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Indigo's breakthrough robotic wheels enable new types of EVs that ride significantly smoother, are more spacious and operate at lower cost than any other vehicles in their class. The FLOW and FLOW PLUS will be markedly better in all of these attributes compared to the Toyota Rav4 and the Ford Transit Connect, respectively. Both FLOW and FLOW PLUS will provide more than 250 miles of range with only a 40kWh battery.

Indigo Introduces New Class of Smooth, Roomy, Affordable EVs for Rideshare and Delivery at CES 2022

With explosive growth for on-demand deliveries and rideshare, and with companies like Uber and Amazon joining the Climate Pledge, providing efficient and capable EVs that drivers can afford is an imperative. Today's heavy EVs are too inefficient and expensive for gig drivers, but reducing mass to save costs has meant sacrificing space and comfort due to conventional propulsion and suspension technologies.

"Indigo invented robotic wheels that uniquely enable more space and comfort for small urban EVs," says Will Graylin, CEO of Indigo. "Without the transmission and motor between the wheels, Indigo FLOW has a low, flat floor that provides more cargo space than any vehicle of its size. And the active suspension in each wheel makes for an amazing ride comfort at an affordable price that people will love."

Automotive Innovators Join Indigo's Team

Indigo announces Volker Kaese, former Audi Head of Innovation Product Management, has joined Indigo as Chief Technology Officer. Kaese, who led development of the Volkswagen XL1 (310 MPG) and Audi e-tron show cars, brings over 20 years of vehicle innovation to spearhead Indigo's vehicle programs.

"I am excited to deliver the highest impact on both driver experience and the environment," said Kaese. "From the voluminous interior to the sliding doors Indigo FLOW will allow drivers to be more efficient at their jobs. Ultimately they will be able to earn more while also doing good for our planet."

Also joining Indigo are Eric Obers, formerly design leader at Porsche and Lucid, and Hugh Robinson, formerly of Porsche and General Motors, to lead design for the FLOW product line.

To learn more about the FLOW and FLOW Plus vehicles from Indigo visit:

SOURCE Indigo Tech
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