Happy Quokkas: Building the First Large-Scale Decentralized Community Dedicated to Personal Development

The Non-Fungible token (NFT) space has been snowballing as it gains widespread awareness and sees rapid growth. With 2022 edging closer, NFT markets such as OpenSea continue to gain media attention, fortune 500 brands are investing in the space, and the likes of Facebook rebrand to "Meta" to engage in NFT activity.

Happy Quokkas: Building the First Large-Scale Decentralized Community Dedicated to Personal Development

NFT sales have surged beyond $10 billion in Q3 and have seen a huge influx of liquidity enter the market. Though the price tag attached to many NFT projects and the potential for profiteering can draw mass attention, one vital aspect is often overlooked; the project community.

Without the strong base and foundations of a community, an NFT project can be seen as superficial and lack the depth needed to gain real traction and impact in the NFT space. To counteract this, Happy Quokkas are creating the first large-scale, rejuvenating and community-centric NFT project established primarily to promote personal development.

Who are Happy Quokkas

Inspired by the "happiest animal on the planet", Happy Quokkas is an NFT project featuring 7,777 completely unique and irresistible quokkas. No two alike, the philosophy behind the Quokka designs stand as a testament to celebrating life, uplifting each other as a community, and spreading positivity in the metaverse and beyond.

The purpose behind the Happy Quokkas project is to create a community dedicated to mindfulness, personal development, and mental health awareness. Happy Quokkas holders will have lifetime access to this community and will be able to sell or keep certain perks that come with their NFT ownership.

Set to begin minting November 11, 2021, Happy Quokkas have established a waiting list for all NFT enthusiasts, giving participants a chance to mint their very own Quokka. To get involved and sign up for a chance to mint your very own Quokka, click here to join the waiting list now!

A Positive Step for the NFT Community

Building a community geared towards positive transformation, Happy Quokkas channel their own mantra of personal growth, the celebration of life, mindfulness, and positivity in all things. Embodying self-love and nurturing personal development, Happy Quokkas will also invite influential guest speakers chosen by the community to host talks and live Ask-Me-Anything's (AMAs).

Happy Quokkas is planning to partner with top media companies to empower their community with unforgettable content and experiences. Additionally, Happy Quokkas plan to donate 5% of all proceeds to mental health organizations (decided upon by the community) and 2% of proceeds towards helping endangered quokkas. Shaping themselves into a blue chip project and community, Happy Quokkas are fully doxxed; meaning the team members are publicly known and committed to their goals.

A little down the road, Happy Quokkas also plans to establish a mobile app and marketplace both set to launch in early 2022. For Quokka NFT holders, there will be a number of exclusive special perks including meetups, virtual events, limited-edition merchandise, giveaways, and more!

Pioneering the NFT space

Entering the rapidly developing NFT space, Happy Quokkas breathes life back into the heart and soul of the communities that built it. With their positivity-centric and community empowering mantra, Happy Quokkas now provide you with the early opportunity to get involved.

The Happy Quokkas waitlist serves as an official presale whitelist and functions as the only way to secure a Quokka NFT before they sell out. With just over a week away before the official launch, time is ticking for all interested buyers.

Setting the precedent for NFT community development and constructing the first large-scale, decentralized community dedicated to personal development; Happy Quokkas will make history.

SOURCE Happy Quokkas
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