Minimalist OneClock is Now Available

OneClock (, a smash Kickstarter product in early 2021, has launched direct-to-consumer sales. The minimalist analog timepiece is designed to gently lift you out of sleep with science-based musical compositions.

Minimalist OneClock is Now Available

Featuring seven exclusive compositions by Grammy-award winning musician Jon Natchez (The War on Drugs), OneClock is designed to wake you gently and reliably. OneClock also keeps your brain engaged by randomizing the songs and making subtle changes to the EQ so that you never hear OneClock's songs the same way twice. Ever.

Minimalist OneClock is Now Available

With no bluetooth, no WiFi, no apps, no snooze button and no connectivity, OneClock was purposefully designed to keep technology out of the bedroom and to promote healthy sleep habits.

Sleep researcher and OneClock team member Josiane Broussard, PhD, says, "As a sleep scientist for the last 15+ years I can say that very little research focuses specifically on waking up and physiological changes associated with something that every single human does every single day. I was able to use the OneClock and absolutely love the design and the beautiful, calming music. I plan to put one in each of my inpatient sleep study suites in the lab."

OneClock is designed in Boulder, CO, and features a precision machined aluminum enclosure, solid wood front and back, and a low glare glass face. The clocks are built by hand, using high quality, long lasting parts, including a Swiss-designed clock movement.

OneClock owners will also be able to seamlessly swap the music on their clock by purchasing exclusive music, coming soon from OneClock's online music shop, as new artists are added.

OneClock is now available at for $299 in white, black and red.

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