HTC VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit Now Available

HTC VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit Now Available

After the launch of the HTC VIVE Pro 2 headset earlier this year, delivering sharp, precise, and immersive VR, HTC VIVE announces today the availability of the VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit – which includes the headset, 2x Base Stations, and 2x VIVE controllers – retailing at $1,399 in the United States and $1,849 in Canada.

Pre-order for VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit, opens September 13 with an on-the-shelf date of mid-October.

VIVE Pro 2 sets a new benchmark for business and consumer VR, featuring a stunning 5K resolution display delivering 2.5K to each eye, coupled with an amazing 120Hz refresh rate as well as a fast-switching panel with real RGB sub-pixels, for crystal clear and super smooth animations.

As well as this, the field of view increases to 120 degrees thanks to VIVE Pro 2's bespoke dual stacked-lens design. These advances mean minimal motion blur and the 'screen door effect' is virtually eliminated making the VIVE Pro 2 feel more natural and realistic when inside VR.

From experienced VR enthusiasts to those just starting out, VIVE Pro 2 is the ideal headset for experiencing games like Half-Life: Alyx, placing you in amongst the action, or for fantasy adventure VR content like Jon Favreau and Wevr's Gnomes and Goblins. Whatever your VR need, the VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit is the complete VR package to ensure full VR immersion.

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