Chuwi invites PC enthusiasts from all over the world to build the world's most powerful Mini PC

Chuwi invites PC enthusiasts from all over the world to build the world's most powerful Mini PC

On August 8, Chuwi’s official website launched a new Mini PC product warm-up event page, and announced a message to invite computer players to participate and jointly build the world’s most powerful Mini PC. The final product configuration and form of this mysterious Mini PC will be provided by global computer players. DIY voted. It is reported that the new Mini PC will be sold at a premium price on September 2021, and will be shipped worldwide before November.

According to the event page, the concept of "creative connection" between CHUWI technology manufacturing and user players is displayed, breaking through the traditional factory thinking, integrating user thinking and creative ideas from the source of new product research and development, and jointly creating the world's most powerful Mini PC that users dream of.

PC players around the world can log in to the event page and submit an email subscription to participate in the DIY voting solicitation event. The event page will be officially launched on August 8, 2021. The start and end time of the event: 2021.08.08-2021.08.25. Players can vote for the material design of this new product in the first step, vote for the best performance CPU of the new product in the second step, vote for the memory specification and capacity of the new product in the third step, and vote for the storage capacity of the hard disk in the fourth step, comprehensive DIY Create the most powerful Mini PC in the minds of players. The voting will simultaneously summarize the budget price of the Mini PC, and determine the final sale price of the new product at the budget price to meet the players' expectations of value-for-money performance.

The voting activity date will end at 24:00 on August 25, 2021. Chuwi will develop this new Mini PC based on the DIY opinions and ideas of all players around the world. If the event is successful, the new product will be officially met with the players; After the voting activity ends, Chuwi official will select 10 participants from all voters to experience the strongest Mini PC Demo prototype first and give us more feedback.

The world's most powerful Mini PC activity Page:
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