MelGeek Announces Launch of Mojo68 -- A See-Through, Customizable & Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

MelGeek Announces Launch of Mojo68 -- A See-Through, Customizable & Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

MelGeek, respected makers of innovative mechanical keyboards, just announced the Kickstarter launch of a stunning new keyboard with gasket mount, infinite RGB backlight, and hot-swappable and programmable keys that make typing an efficient and enjoyable experience. This full-featured mechanical keyboard is available now:

Mojo68 is immediately recognizable. Its case is completely see-through and it has six unique styles, with keycaps in three profiles and five types of available switches. It simply shines, thanks to its infinite RGB backlit keyboard that is customizable for any color and rhythm. But Mojo68 is more than just a great-looking keyboard. It is also packed with features that boost productivity and enhance the typing experience.

The most important characteristic of a keyboard that affects the way it feels and performs is the internal mounting style. Mojo68 uses an advanced gasket mount style. The keyboard plate is surrounded by silicone as a shock absorber and Poron, which is an advanced urethane foam that reduces strain on the fingers while typing and creates a more comfortable, elastic feel and dampened sound.

"Like many people, we are big fans of mechanical keyboards. Nothing has the same keystroke feel and feedback for typing. But, until now, mechanical keyboards have had limitations such as a single switch option, lack of programmable features, and dull designs. Our goal with Mojo68 was to create the ultimate mechanical keyboard that could be fully customized for each individual user. Mojo68 can be perfectly suited for any preference, with hot-swappable and programmable keys, see-through design, and unique gasket mount internal layout for a dampened sound and elastic feel. It also features an infinite RGB backlight so that it looks as good as it performs. With Mojo68, your typing experience and productivity will be better than ever," said MelGeek CEO Layne Guan.

Compatible with Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android, Mojo68 adopts tri-mode connection including Bluetooth, 2.4G USB Wireless, and Type-C wired connection. It also allows pairing with up to four devices. As a fully customizable keyboard, Mojo68 makes it easy to personalize it for each unique user. It starts with hot-swappable keys that allow easy swaps, upgrades, and mixing of switches without soldering. Programming is achieved via the exclusive app KBTools, which lets users personalize Mojo68, including function keys, backlights, and shortcut settings, or add layers for extra functions and expand up to four FN function keys.

With the release of Mojo68, users can finally fully customize and program their keyboard to perfectly suit their preferences to elevate their typing experience and boost productivity. The Mojo68 see-through, customizable and programmable gasket mount mechanical keyboard is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters:

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