Segway-Ninebot and DUCKT join forces to set new micromobility infrastructure standards

Segway-Ninebot and DUCKT join forces to set new micromobility infrastructure standards

DUCKT, a provider of universal infrastructure for urban micromobility, has entered into a cooperation with the well-known e-scooter and electric vehicle manufacturer Segway-Ninebot. Thanks to this cooperation, customers can now buy Segway shared Max vehicles with DUCKT adapters. All compatible and ready to use DUCKT charging and docking stations around the world. All you need to do is to inform Segway-Ninebot during purchase.

DUCKT is a provider of charging and docking stations for e-bikes and e-scooters, allowing safe parking, securing and charging of e-vehicles. Thanks to their versatility, DUCKT stations can be used both by operators of fleets and private owners. Currently there are over a thousand multi-station charging docks all over the world.

"From the very beginning, we aim to make our infrastructure as universal as possible," explains Cagri Selcuklu, CEO and co-founder of DUCKT. "Therefore, we strive to make the use of our solutions as simple as possible for users and easy to implement for micromobility operators, regardless of the kind of hardware their fleet is already equipped with."

Dedicated Infrastructure standard

To use a DUCKT station, all you need is to equip your vehicle with a simple adapter. DUCKT stations automatically communicate with the e-bike or e-scooter, identify the user, secure the equipment and start charging all autonomously and under one second. So far, this process has been a retrofit solution for all fleets. Now Segway-Ninebot and DUCKT cooperation carries it one step further. Segway Max vehicles will come pre-equipped with an adapter and appropriate software, allowing customers to use DUCKT stations essentially as they unpack the e-scooter.

"We observe the growing popularity of DUCKT solutions, implemented by operators and municipal institutions around the world. That's why we want to make it easier for our customers to use this infrastructure, which is slowly becoming a de facto standard in micromobility," comments Tony Ho, VP of Global Business Development at Segway-Ninebot.

The just-announced cooperation between DUCKT and Segway-Ninebot is another step in making it easier for Segway Max customers to use DUCKT's infrastructure solutions. DUCKT B series stations, compatible with scooters and e-bikes, will now be compatible with Segway Max products fitted with DUCKT adapters. Micromobility industry is moving from disruptive scaling stage into sustainable and urban transport integrated, a more constructive approach. In this regard, this partnership will allow Segway-Ninebot to provide a full package solution to their existing and future customers and DUCKT customers will have "zero" additional effort to have their fleet reach top of the class infrastructure solutions.

Development of green technologies

DUCKT is one of the technology companies supported by EIT InnoEnergy, a European fund and accelerator which invests in solutions in the areas of energy, cleantech, mobility and broader smart technologies.

"Micromobility is one of the most important areas of interest of our fund," admits Jakub Miler, CEO at EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe. "This dynamically developing form of transport has a chance to contribute to solving many problems of cities and their inhabitants, in particular those related to air pollution, noise, traffic jams and cars. As our researches show, by 2030 the number of e-bikes and e-scooters riding on European streets will reach 30 million. Developing the right infrastructure is therefore an extremely important task for both private and public actors today."

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