EU-Crypto Bank Launches New Website and Trading Platform

EU-Crypto Bank Launches New Website and Trading Platform

As market conditions change on a frequent basis, a new type of online trading platform enters the sector. Online brokerage brand EU-Crypto Bank has announced the launch of its new website, including all infrastructure and the proprietary platform. According to the company, the most recent technologies and tools have been implemented into this platform, for an optimal trading experience.

"We've put the best minds into the process of designing, developing and testing our new system," explained EU-Crypto Bank's spokesperson. "Today's online trader needs a mechanism that is suited for 2021 in order to flourish, and sadly, it seems like a large share of our competitors are still using outdated software. Aside from the fact that it can prevent traders from maximizing the potential of the markets, it is also very unsafe. We're here to put a stop to that, and to set some new standards in this industry."

All registered users of EU-Crypto Bank are granted access to the new platform and website, regardless of their initial investment. Some premium features, such as VIP events and trading signals, are reserved for larger account holders, and more information regarding that is available on the company's website.

Changing the rules of online trading

For a few months now, markets are showing increased volatility, as uncertainty regarding the global economic recovery from COVID-19 continues. For that reason, EU-Crypto Bank has put a lot of thought into making its platform as speedy, secure, and simple to maneuver as possible. While focus has been placed on cryptocurrency assets, as this market seems to be dominant currently, traders can choose from over 100 assets in the form of forex, indices, commodities and shares as well.

"We know that our clients take online trading seriously, that's why we've gone to great lengths to make the markets as accessible as possible to them," added the spokesperson, "and it seems we did it right, since hundreds have already signed up for our services in the past few days. We want to thank our new clients for putting their trust in us, and we promise not to let them down."

The company has also stated that the new website and platform are both encrypted to the highest level in the market today, promising full security for all client information, especially financial data. This feature is applied to all client accounts and is not reliant on the type of account chosen.

SOURCE EU-Crypto Bank
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