Elephant Robotics Introducing Raspberry Pi Commercial & Educational Robot Arm

Elephant Robotics Introducing Raspberry Pi Commercial & Educational Robot Arm

Elephant Robotics is well known for its line of innovative products that help enhance manufacturing, assembly, education, and more. In 2020, Elephant Robotics released the World’s Smallest 6 axis Robot arm – myCobot. As an open sourced robot arm, it is an ideal platform for learning ROS, V-rep, Blockly, Matlab, CAN, and 485 bus-mastering control. The release of myCobot aroused huge discussion amount personal makers, automatism and STEM educators worldwide.

Following the footprint of myCobot and to fulfill the demand from more users, Elephant Robotics is now applying Raspberry to myCobot and introducing myCobot-Pro, an affordable 1kg payload commercial robot arm.

myCobot-Pi – When robot arm has it own brain

The myCobot-Pi six-axis collaborative robot is a multi-functional and lightweight intelligent robotic arm. Users of the robot can personally customize the robotic arm, as it supports multi-platform secondary development and can effectively help users achieve multi-scene application development.

As mentioned, the mycobot-Pi has a net weight of 850grams (ie. under two pounds), has a payload of 250g, and a working range of 280mm. It’s compact, but powerful, and has rich software and hardware interaction methods and diversified compatible extension interfaces.

“We are so pleased to launch this new version of myCobot, to help makers, roboticists, and all of our creative customers, to achieve unlimited potential with the Raspberry Pi ecology,” said Elephant Robotics Founder Joey Song. “With our product being available with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, we hope to open up more doors for people all over the world to use myCobot to create.”

The myCobot-Pi uses Raspberry Pi 4B, with a 1.5GHz 4-core microprocessor and runs on the Debian/Ubuntu platform. It has Built-in ROS and Blocky programming, while supporting a general Python Software interface. The robot comes with an image recognition algorithm that can work with a variety of camera, and can independent match different accessories such as a display, gripper suction pump, and more.

myCobot-Pro provides an answer for affordable commercial robot arm

The idea of commercial robot arm have been raised for long time, but factory and assembly line still to be most common scenes for them. Because tradition robot arm is usually heavy, noisy and difficult in programming. Most importantly, the price is too high. myCobot-Pro, for the first time, provide an answer for all these issues.  

The myCobot Pro is a Commercial six-axis robot. To really do it justice, check out the video of it here. The robotic arm has a payload of 1kg and a working radius of 320mm. It’s compact, powerful, simple to operate and while it weighs more than its predecessors - it’s still lightweight - weighing just 3kg.

The robotic arm provides usability, security, and is economically sound. Compared to other options, it’s a super cost-effective choice for automated production. It has quick deployment on the production line and enables human-robot collaboration (the future has arrived). It’s safe and effective, increases efficiency for businesses, and is cost-effective,

It’s clear that the myCobot Pro is simply put - super cool. But who is it for?

It can be used for commercial scenarios including production, manufacturing, and assembly. For some more creative ideas check out the following videos: to make coffee, to make cocktails, or to help a photographer work.

It can be used for scientific research, educational purposes, and medical purposes. 

A couple of other unique examples include: using it as a smart barista to expand a coffee business, to help in a photographic studio for more accurate and stable precision work, to produce efficient line work, and to help print out photos continuously - for the perfect combination of artistic creation and robotics. It can also work as an assistant in a workshop for human and robot collaboration and infinite creativity. The company and all-in-one design also make it a great fit for automated guided vehicle solutions.

Like all of the products in the myCobot line, myCobot Pro works with Elephant Robotics’ myStudio, a one-stop platform for all of the robots from Elephant Robotics including myCobot and myCobot Pro. The platform updates firmware provides video tutorials on how to use the robot and provides maintenance and repair info (ex. Tutorials, Q&A, etc.). Users can also buy a number of accessories targeted at robotic collaboration applications.

“With the myCobot Pro, we are happy to enable customers to create more efficiently on a larger scale than ever before,” said Elephant Robotics Founder Joey Song. “We hope people use our latest robotic arm to create and enhance their businesses and maker work.”

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