American Boating Destination Trends for Summer 2021

American Boating Destination Trends for Summer 2021
Dubrovnik, Croatia

With loosened restrictions and the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines progressing, Click&Boat has seen an increase of 38% in U.S.-based bookings compared to all of 2020. Before the pandemic, 93% of Click&Boat's 2019 bookings made by an American were for international destinations. Today, the majority of American bookings remain domestic in coastal states like Florida and California.

Top searches made on Click&Boat indicate that Southern Florida and the Caribbean have been on American's radar since the beginning of 2021. And within the last month, there has been a spike in interest in other U.S. destinations like Texas, Charleston and Chicago.

  • Miami, Florida- Bookings have more than doubled in Miami over the past four months compared to all of 2020. Travelers are primarily booking party and pontoon boats, as well as luxury yacht charters for the day.
  • Key West, Florida- The most well-known island of the Florida Keys has seen a surge of visitors on and off the waters. Click&Boat has notably reported an increase of eight times more bookings made in Key West versus previous years, with a longer rental duration of three days on board. Catamarans are the top choice for travelers coming to the area.
  • Long Beach, California- A favorite destination for locals and visitors alike on the Southern Californian coast. Within the last two months, bookings in Long Beach have more than doubled versus all of 2020. Most bookings are for day trips aboard a motorboat.
  • Austin, Texas- Boat rentals are becoming increasingly popular in Texas, in hotspots like Austin and the Kemah area. Since the beginning of 2021, Click&Boat has accepted five times the amount bookings in Austin alone, versus the entirety of 2020. Here, most clients are looking for day trip rentals.

With Click&Boat's large offer of boats from pontoons, party boats and fishing charters available in the United States, planning a long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day or the Fourth of July has never been easier. However, for longer sailing trips by sailboat or catamaran, Americans have always enjoyed Europe and will continue to do in summer 2021.

Going abroad: Mediterranean cruising

Some of Click&Boat's American clients have already started booking longer summer holidays onboard in the Mediterranean. With news of some Mediterranean countries like Croatia and Greece opening up to travelers, many have made the decision to book early, taking advantage of not only early booking discounts but of Click&Boat's Covid Guarantee Cancellation Insurance.

The top international destinations for Americans to enjoy onboard a boat this summer are:

  • Greece - Destinations like Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini have been progressively booked over the last weeks. Most reservations are made for weekly rentals aboard a sailboat or catamaran. In 2020, Click&Boat observed that 80% of all catamaran rentals were made with a captain.
  • Croatia - Since the country of Croatia communicated about opening to foreigners this summer, bookings grew in top cities like Split and Dubrovnik, mainly for weekend and weekly rentals on board a mix of sailboats, catamarans and motorboats.

SOURCE Click&Boat

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