Texas A&M Micro-Mobility Program is Electrifying Your Ride with Veo

Texas A&M Micro-Mobility Program is Electrifying Your Ride with Veo

Micro-mobility share leader, Veo, is pleased to announce the launch of Cosmo, our throttle e-bike, to electrify the Texas A&M University bike share program. In partnership with Transportation Services, the launch follows the award of Texas A&M University Micro-Mobility Shared Program's five-year exclusive contract, with the goal to further promote the use of accessible and sustainable alternative transportation options on its campus.

Veo has operated more than forty micro-mobility programs in cities and universities around the United States, including multiple similar-sized universities to Texas A&M. It has been actively cooperating with Transportation Service and operating the bike share program on campus since Jan. 2019. Veo's focus on growing micro-mobility programs through responsible and long-term partnerships enables the scale-up and upgrade of the Texas A&M Bike Share service.

"We are excited to add our throttle e-bikes to Texas A&M University's alternative transportation family. As a trusted vendor, we have helped Texas A&M University transform shared mobility, and regain trust and confidence with the community, while providing a popular service with high ridership," said Candice Xie, CEO, Veo. "We continue to be committed to providing the Texas A&M community access to the highest quality and most reliable shared micro-mobility vehicles and services, and we look forward to continuing our long-lasting partnership with Transportation Services to promote the bike culture and foster alternative transportation mode growth."

The addition of the Cosmo will bring the Veo fleet to a mix of 2,500 pedal and throttle e-bikes available for users to rent, making the Texas A&M University Micro-Mobility program the largest system of its kind in North America.

Incorporating learnings from millions of e-bike trips across the nation, the Veo throttle e-bike brings parking compliance, safety, and accessibility to another level. The throttle e-bike offers a smooth and sweat-free riding experience that will introduce even more people to the fun of commuting and getting to their destination easier.

"Veo has been an excellent partner since the program launched and we are very pleased to see our relationship and the system continue to grow," said Ron Steedly, Transportation Services. "Bike share has been widely accepted by our community, and we are pleased that we can continue to expand our fleet type and offer more sustainable modes of travel to the campus community."

Since the launch, Veo bikes have travelled close to one million miles on the Texas A&M University campus and in the College Station community, and been utilized by more than 50,000 registered users.

For more information, please visit www.veoride.com.


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