School of Rock Method App Allows Students to Play Together Even When Apart

School of Rock Method App Allows Students to Play Together Even When Apart

Let's get the band back together….virtually!

Thanks to School of Rock, students can now record themselves playing using the School of Rock Method App™ and instructors will then compile the audio and video recordings to be pulled together into a full-band recording. Select School of Rock locations have already produced hundreds of group audio and video projects. Most School of Rock locations around the globe will be offering this new opportunity for creative collaboration.

It's all part of changes the leader in performance-based music education has made in order to keep the music going in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Playing with other musicians is an integral part of the School of Rock educational Method™ and with lessons being held online and gathering in groups limited, this process will reinforce the skills needed to perform with other musicians," said Rob Price, CEO of School of Rock. "This is just another way we are fostering connection and community during a time when we are asked to stay apart."

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, School of Rock launched School of Rock Remote where some 40,000 students can use video conferencing during their regularly scheduled lesson times to gain access to their skilled music instructor. School of Rock instructors around the world are teaching 5,000 virtual lessons per day.

In addition, students can use the proprietary School of Rock Method app and Method Books to supplement their learning. The company also rolled out Artist Sessions, providing daily online tutorials and Q&A's with well-known musicians. Since these programs are available online, School of Rock is now available to everyone who wants to use this time at home to become a musician.

School of Rock provides students of all ages an exciting and engaging learning environment for taking guitar lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, keyboard lessons, and singing lessons. Drawing from all styles of rock and roll, School of Rock students learn theory and techniques via songs from legendary artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Frank Zappa. Thanks to the school's performance-based approach, students around the world have gained superior instrumental skills and confidence on the big stage, with some moving on to record deals and larger platforms such as American Idol, The Voice and Broadway.

SOURCE School of Rock
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