DecorMatters Announces AI Integration in Interior Design App and Releases First Website Version

DecorMatters Announces AI Integration in Interior Design App and Releases First Website Version

Today, DecorMatters announced the launch of its interior design app, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The newest DecorMatters iOS app is available with a more personalized user experience. Additionally, they simultaneously launched the first website app to make finding home inspiration and furniture shopping easier than ever before.

The 6.0.0 edition of the iOS app integrates artificial intelligence to customize features to users' preferences. Multiple versions are expected to be released after, with extended AI features. The newest AI-ready version will be available for download from the App Store.

Traditional ways of designing can be a long and stressful process. Creativity often needs a stimulus to be sparked. Rather than pass time hoping for inspiration to strike, DecorMatters' AI integration gives users a tailored shopping and designing experience.

Content, user, and product recommendations are the biggest developments in the app. When viewing a design created by someone else, users can browse and save similar products based on what they interact with. These products can then be stored for a future project or immediately incorporated into an existing project. Additionally, after following a user, people with comparable tastes are suggested – building a wider online design community.

The DecorMatters app already applies augmented reality (AR) to allow users to visualize new designs in their real homes. The app even has an AR ruler to help measure room dimensions. Meanwhile, blockchain technology in the app facilitates rewarding content creators with profits received from product recommendations, as well as copyright authorizations.

Beyond AI, the coin reward system in the app has also been optimized, with development focusing on design and tooling. There are equally new improvements to the social media aspects of the app, including gift-giving.

SOURCE DecorMatters, Inc.

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