Neuron Upgrades the Future of EV at CIIE

Neuron Upgrades the Future of EV at CIIE

Visionary automotive company Neuron EV has unveiled two new exciting products: T/ONE and TORQ at the Second Annual Import Expo in Shanghai, China.

Neuron EV is unique from the group of well-known automotive manufacturers as they are the first Electric Utility Vehicle company and a new brand with a complete focus on sustainability.

The Neuron T/ONE is the company's innovative multipurpose all-in-one EUV (electric utility vehicle) created for commercial and personal use, while the Neuron TORQ is an electric semi-truck developed to be the next generation solution for commercial transportation.

Both vehicles feature a modular platform, upgradeable technology, versatile cargo functionality, a first-class interior experience, and iconic aerodynamics. These vehicles were created to reduce waste and bring forth renewable solutions for the preservation of our environment.

The T/ONE and TORQ are built on Neuron's modular electric utility vehicle system. The basic tractor unit has a scalable chassis, with interchangeable body components that easily attach and detach, making it easy to change its appearance and functionality.

The sleek electric drivetrain optimizes floor room and lowers the center of gravity to create an easy to drive platform. The cabin is shifted forward to enhance driving visibility, optimize interior roominess, and extend cargo capacity.

The multi-source propulsion system of the trucks draws power from an all-electric traction battery pack, replaceable reserve power, and a removable solar panel truck bed cover. This design is in line with Neuron's practical solution to renewable energy-- to adapt to nature's availability and innovate towards an on-demand recharging infrastructure.

The driver's seat features a panoramic 360° view, thanks to wireless cameras that feed visual data into the driver's screen. The intuitive vehicle interface application provides full operational control and works on any personal device which, when plugged into the interior architecture, seamlessly replaces all physical knobs and switches. This clutter free and open system is compatible with the latest gadgets and internet solutions.

Both trucks are a representation of Neuron's product philosophy of value through simplicity and functionality. They're easy to use, universally relevant, and updateable to the latest technology for efficient waste reduction and versatility optimization. Neuron is timeless says Casey Hyun, Branding Specialist, Neuron EV.

The functional architecture of the trucks is an aerodynamic profile that has an integrated functional rear compartment. A smooth and robust shell protects the technology stored within as well as the passengers riding inside.

Neuron's vision is to enrich humanity through innovation in new energy transportation. The company plans to expand the EV landscape through vehicles which connect people, technology, and our environment. More specifically, Neuron is developing smart vehicles that will significantly reduce pollution, and at the same time, fulfill consumers' desires for vehicles they can connect and identify with.

We have an ideal called "Driven to Be the Change", it means unity in upgrading the future of sustainability. Neuron is honored to participate at CIIE this year and we're looking forward to interacting with like-minded professionals to expand our purpose on a global scale, says Edward Lee, CEO, Neuron EV.

Neuron EV is a California electric vehicle company established in 2017.


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