How To Advance A Career In Technology

Those that work in a technology field recognize that to succeed you need to stay ahead of the curve. While there will always be a demand for technology jobs because it plays such a crucial role in modern life and across so many different industries, it can also be incredibly competitive. Additionally, the constant new developments can make it challenging to keep up the pace so you must know how to succeed and grow. As with any work, there are always a few essential steps to take which will help anyone working with technology to enjoy a long and rewarding career.

Immerse Yourself In Technology

First, it is important that you immerse yourself in the world of technology. Technology is going through extraordinary growth right now with amazing new technologies appearing seemingly every week which can make it hard to keep up. In addition to being familiar with tech that is used in your industry, you should also familiarize yourself with other types of tech and consider how it could impact your industry in the near future. A few effective methods for immersing yourself in the fascinating world of technology include:

- Reading magazines.

Reading online news.

- Joining online communities.

- Attending tech events and workshops. 

- Buying new gadgets and equipment.


As with most areas, networking is essential if you want to take advantage of new opportunities and climb the corporate ladder. Knowing the right people in the tech industry can open doors for you and help to grow your brand.

Networking should involve attending as many industry events as possible and introducing yourself to key figures. Provide them with a business card that contains contact details, your professional website, and social media channels.

Leading on from this, you can also use social media as a professional tool to network online and show your expertise when it comes to your job and the latest technologies. LinkedIn is another effective platform for growing your network and connecting with people who may be able to help you to advance your career.

Seek out New Opportunities

Leading on from this, if you want to advance your career in technology, then you must be willing to seek out new opportunities. It is rare for an opportunity to fall on your lap so you will want to spend time looking around to see if there are any chances for you to progress.

You can do this by letting your superiors know that you want to move up so that they can give advice, provide training and let you know about internal vacancies. It is also important to look for new opportunities elsewhere as sometimes the best way to progress will be to move company and perhaps even to a new region (pay and job opportunities are often greater in metropolitan areas, especially in tech). It can be daunting to change your place of work, but sometimes this will be necessary to advance your career.

Earn More Qualifications

Qualifications are always helpful because they provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need and can help your resume to stand out from the crowd. Look into what qualifications will help you to further your career - sometimes they will be a basic requirement for a role too. Often, you will be able to take a qualification online which allows you to study at your own pace which is ideal if you are currently in a full-time role.

As an example, an electrical engineer stands a much better chance in landing a new role when they become a master of science in electrical engineering as this will provide the student with the ability to design, build, assess and lead advanced electrical engineering projects. You can do this in your own time and get your online electrical engineering degree in Canada which will boost your employability.

Find A Mentor

Mentors are highly valuable in all industries because they can provide career advice, emotional support, and guidance. Often, they will also be able to introduce you to new people and could help you to find suitable opportunities.

This mentor could be someone that you work with or have met at an industry event, but there are also mentor programs if you cannot find someone suitable.

Develop Key Business Skills
No matter what industry you work in, to succeed and climb the ladder, you will need to hone your business skills. This can help you to get ahead, find success in your role and forge critical professional relationships. Some of these skills may come naturally, but others must be worked at as you can often improve these areas with practice, research, and courses. A few key business skills to develop include:
- Communication skills

- Leadership skills

- Teamwork

- Time-management

- Organization

- Project management

- Dexterity

- Presentation skills

- Work ethic

- Problem-solving

- Attention to detail

Make A Positive Impact

Finally, it is crucial that you always make a positive impact when you arrive to work each day. To advance your career in technology, you will need to be productive, boost morale and have a positive influence through your role. This can be challenging, and there are sure to be days where you do not feel up to it but making a positive impact will help you to succeed in your role, impress your superiors and make you a valuable asset.

The best way to make a positive impact at work is to take pride in what you do and to set yourself regular goals. You should also look after your physical and mental health with regular exercise, a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, finding ways to relax and socializing in your free time.

Working with technology can be great because it will always be in-demand, but it can also be challenging to keep pace as it is highly competitive. This means that many people struggle to advance their career no matter what area they work in, but this information should help anyone to succeed when working with technology and enjoy a rewarding career.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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