Is It Legal to Use Academic Essay Writing Services?

It depends on whom you ask and it depends on what you do with the received final draft. In short, if you are not interested in reading our reasoning, we strongly believe that it is legal to use academic writing services. But if you need more proof of it, we will gladly supply you with it. Of course, we don’t have on mind to convince you to buy all of your papers online, but we don’t want this practice to be so stigmatized as it is now. So, if you are ready, here are some of our arguments.

Using academic essay writing services is legal, because you can’t fight the system with other means. 

The system is broken, let’s face it. Students can’t cope with their writing load. And it is not about laziness and a lack of diligence. Of course, laziness and procrastination take place, but they are not the driving force of this problem. Students initially receive not manageable amount of writing assignments and they are forced either to pull the all nighter every other night or to fail a course. Or to order papers online. Ordering essays from writing agencies you do nothing more nut embrace the reality and cope with it the best you can. Who can blame you for that?

Buying papers online is legal, because it is not a fraud itself and it should not considered to be. 

According to the honor code, you should submit papers which are the result of your intellectual effort. Fine. But what if you buy a paper and use it as a sample? How does it differ from samples in your textbook? What if you collect all the references, write drafts and outline and let someone to finish the work for you, because you are sick or need a side job to cope with student loan? The paper definitely will be the result of your intellectual effort, only technically it will be crafted by someone else. The purpose matters, the intention matters, but the fact of buying papers online cannot be considered illegal under any regulation.

To use academic writing agencies is legal based on the variety of services they provide their clients with. 

For example, you’ve written a paper and you are not sure its quality is enough to impress your professor. You address a legitimate essay writing service for editing help and they gladly agree. It doesn’t differ from all those grammar and style checkers online which many professors recommend to use. Just it is a more efficient and quality option. It truly develops you — you read the edited papers, see your mistakes and minimize them the next time you write a similar paper. At this point writing services do the job that should have been done in class by professors and teachers.

Using academic writing help because it serves your most primary value — your health. 

Being under constant stress is not good for anyone. It causes many health problems also related to the sleep deprivation, which is inevitable, when you try to deal with many papers at once. You are supposed to get educated in college or university, not dead or insane. There are lots of students using antidepressants and it is not a healthy way of doing things, don’t you agree?

Of course, finally it is only up to you to decide whether it is legal or not in your world to order papers online, but don’t let essay writing load to turn you into stressed and insecure sleepless zombie. Take care about yourself, and take care about your future. Stay on the logical side.

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