Pro Exp Media Inc. releases Pixicle the world's first augmented reality (AR) photo book exclusively available at Walgreens

Just in time for the holidays, Pro Exp Media Inc. releases Pixicle, the world's first augmented reality photo book app that storifies memories into a printed story book. Through Pixicle's innovative app, consumers are able to embed videos into their photo books bringing them to life with sound and video. Pixicle Storybooks are exclusively available at Walgreens.

Pixicle brings new life to your special occasions with augmented reality experiences from the photo content selected directly from Facebook, Instagram, or albums from an iPhone or iPad. There is no need to wait days for delivery, your Storybook can be picked up at any Walgreens photo center on the same day! Whether you're creating a Storybook of your child's first birthday, your wedding day, or your vacation in Paris, Pixicle has created a theme specifically for your special occasion!

"In as little as five-minutes, through Pixicle's unique tap and drop interface, anyone with an iPhone or iPad can curate their own photo book with a personalized AR experience," said Norman Lai, Co-Founder and CEO of Pixicle Inc." We are releasing it just before the holidays and it is literally a 'gift that keeps on giving' - people can be transported back into time to experience their special life occasion in augmented reality." Watch how Pixicle uses AR to make your photos come to life in this video
Download the Pixicle app today and use the promo code AR20 to receive 20 per cent off your purchase when you pick up your personalized augmented reality Storybook at over 8,000 Walgreens locations across the United States.

SOURCE Pro Exp Media Inc.

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