EP DesignLab Unveils Jackson Pollock-Inspired Light Bulbs, Sells 10,000 Units in First Week

E.P. DesignLab of San Jose has released a stunning line of colorful, decorative LED light bulbs, called E.P. Lights, inspired by the work of the famous abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. The product immediately grabbed widespread attention, selling 10,000 units in the first week.

E.P. Lights are made of high-quality, ultra-clear resin mixed with paint and other colorful fluids to create the signature designs. This mixture is injected into a standard glass light bulb, where it solidifies. Once it hardens, the glass is broken away, leaving a unique, one-of-a-kind light bulb that bridges the gap between art and appliance.

Aside from their aesthetic beauty, E.P. Lights offer several benefits. Because the bulb is illuminated by a small LED placed at its base, it doesn't get hot to the touch, even after being left on for hours. It is also shatterproof, made from environmentally friendly materials, and lasts far longer than both incandescent and high-efficiency CFL bulbs.

The soft, colorful glow of E.P. Lights is perfect for ambient lighting and mood setting.

The full line is currently available for purchase on the company's website, http://www.epdesignlab.com. EP DesignLab is also in the process of partnering with retailers to make their products available through a wide variety of outlets.

The name "E.P." is a joint homage to Thomas Edisonand Jackson Pollock, as explained by one of the designers:

"The E.P. Light products are in part a tribute to the master of Abstract Expressionism, the great Jackson Pollock. His body of work, along with Thomas Edison's innovative inventions, inspired the idea for E.P. Light bulbs. E.P. Light honors Mr. Thomas Edison and Mr. Jackson Pollock with every new product we create."

The design team is currently working on some creative designs for the upcoming holidays, as a springboard into the holiday decoration and gift market.

EP DesignLab is an interdisciplinary creative team composed of members from diverse backgrounds, mostly within the fields of art and engineering. They are located in San Jose, California. You can view and purchase the entire line of E.P. Lights at www.epdesignlab.com.

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