Special Report - 10 Hottest (High Paying) Virtual Businesses for Q3-2018

VBO Nation (vbonation.com), the online destination for Virtual Business Owners today released its quarterly report titled "The 10 Hottest (High Paying) Virtual Businesses for Q3-2018."

The report confirms many of the findings from Deloitte's recent 7th Annual Millennial Survey. According to that report, 43% of Millennials expect to leave their jobs within the next 2 years. This mass exodus of Millennials from the job market further evidences a major shift to the VBO (Virtual Business Owner) Economy.

There are currently 57 million VBOs (Virtual Business Owners) in the United States. They contribute $1.4 Trillion to the U.S. Economy. By 2027, Virtual Business Owners (sometimes referred to as freelancers, giggers, and contractors) will represent the majority of workers in America.

In VBO Nation's Quarterly Report, the Company highlights ten high paying virtual businesses that are experiencing significant growth. According to Deloitte's comprehensive report, 62% of Millennials proactively leaving the job market are doing so to increase their income. Other factors include working the hours they want and to be their own boss.

According to Tom Poole, the founder of VBO Nation, "the number of virtual business owners making over $100,000 grew by 73% in the last seven years. VBOs are quickly becoming the preferred lifestyle for Millennials that want to take control of their lives and their earnings."

Poole goes on to say, "even in a strong job market, people are choosing to leave their jobs and start their own virtual businesses. These VBOs (virtual business owners) are reporting that they are happier, healthier, and making more money."

VBO Nation's Q3-2018 Special Report can be found and downloaded at vbonation.com.

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