TechNode Announces CES Asia Startup Awards 2018 Winners

CES Asia, the top tech conference in Asia, recently announced the winners for their official Startup Awards 2018.

The host organization, TechNode, selected winners for 9 categories among 50 nominated startups after three rounds of judging from 20 experienced journalists with industry expertise.

The awards were presented at the "Startup Exhibition". Rishi Jaitly, CEO of Asia's biggest investment and partnerships firm -- Times Bridge, announced the opening of the ceremony, and shared opportunities in global innovation, particularly in India. The senior technology journalists and outstanding award-winning companies have conducted in-depth dialogues on "How to create a good product for AI application & How wearable technology is changing healthcare". This in-depth analysis of the industry conditions brings exciting topics and collisions of ideas.

This is the third time that CES Asia has held the "Startup Exhibition," and the number of startup exhibitors has grown by 30% from 2017. More than 100 startups from Mainland China, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Japan, Hong Kong, and many other countries and regions around the world gathered for this event. The event covered many of the current hottest industries, including AI, blockchain, IoT, new retail, the shared economy, and intelligent transportation.

TechNode, as one of the most influential tech media in China, has always dedicated itself to discover innovations from China and the world. TechNode has organized ChinaBang Awards 8 times, where it searched for and discovered many startup projects with great potential as well as market value. It has also hosted TechCrunch International Innovation Summit 8 times in China, joined by more than 200 startups each time, and has become the hottest international startup event in the country. These have all contributed to its authority as the judge for CES Asia Startup Awards, representing both industry and user perspectives.

"We are really happy that TechNode is the judge behind CES Asia Startup Awards, that they have presented us some of the most exciting breakthrough technology in the consumer tech industry," John Kelley, Senior Director of CTA and Director of CES Asia, said.

TechNode's founder and CEO Dr. Lu Gang also thinks that "CES Asia Startup Awards have gone to startups with real industry breakthroughs that represent innovation from China and the world, that might even lead to the next unicorn!"

Below is the list of winners for CES Asia Startup Awards 2018:
Best Startup Winner:
Best AI Startup Winner: , Perspicace Intelligence Technology
Best Audio/Video Startup Winner: Embrace Audio Lab Inc.
Best Robotics Startup Winner: Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co.Ltd
Best Vehicle Technology Startup Winner: SoFlow/LOU
Best Lifestyle Startup Winner: Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co.Ltd
Best AR/VR Startup Winner: DataMesh
Best Health Startup Winner: Kenzen
Best IoT Startup Winner: SENSORO

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