20-Year-Old CEO Launches New, Unique Cryptocurrency-Based Fitness Platform Fry Egg With Immediate Significant Success

Tristan Chaudhry, a 20-year-old CEO, has successfully launched his first company, which has already seen significant success in the cryptocurrency market today. His unique brand, Fry Egg, provides a health and wellness platform that connects clients to fitness coaches and health programs around the globe. Clients are able to connect with their own personal coach at any time from any place.

On the Fry Egg platform, clients can compare different programs and coaches and read reviews from other program users. Not only are health programs tailored for individual health and wellness needs and offered at affordable budgets, but Fry Egg pays clients EGG tokens for tracking things like their food intake, weight loss and workouts. Program goals can range from fat loss and muscle building to body detox and stress reduction.

Coaches that sign up can customize their price and health programs they offer while connecting with clients from around the globe who need and want their services. The Fry Egg platform provides all the necessary tools for coaches and clients to communicate effectively and securely. The company offers proprietary video chat, encrypted messaging, file sharing, notification, calendar and fitness device syncing technology.

"Fry Egg is an exciting business venture that has exploded onto the cryptocurrency market," says Chaudhry. "We have been seeing increasing interest in this business in a short period of time. In one week alone, we added 1,000 telegraph users and even our tweets have gone from two to three likes and retweets to over 300. This platform provides a unique, incentivized way for clients to get healthy, stay on track and earn while they meet their health goals."

At the end of March, Chaudhry presented at the Crypto Business Forum at NASDAQ in New York City. He's also built an exceptional team of employees, advisers and partners. Chaudhry is a software engineer with extensive experience creating mobile and web-based applications using state-of-the-art technologies and platforms. He enjoys learning and researching new ways the Blockchain will influence the world. Chaudhry bet big on his new company, dropping out of Penn State in his freshman year to start the company, and the decision has been paying off.

To learn more about the company, including more about the Fry Egg team, visit FryEgg.com.

About Fry Egg

Fry Egg is the world's largest decentralized online marketplace connecting fitness coaches with clients around the world. For more information, visit FryEgg.com.
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