Toshiba Launches Dolby Vision Capable TVs

In a move that is set to bring cinema-inspired viewing to more homes, Toshiba TVs has announced that Dolby Vision™ HDR is to feature on all its 2018 UHD ranges for Europe.

Transferring cutting-edge motion picture technology from movie theatres to TV, Dolby Vision powerfully connects viewers to the on-screen action. Its precise use of expanded colour and contrast ranges means Dolby Vision captures every on-screen detail, texture and pattern, allowing movies, programmes and documentaries to be seen and experienced through the eyes of the original story tellers and directors. The display of deeper blacks further enhances the viewing experience, offering a richness and precision that makes every scene look more real.

Complementing Toshiba's OLED and HDR 4K TV viewing experience, Dolby Vision adds a 3-dimensional feel to the on-screen action, allowing more realistic shadows and crisp, well-defined forms to be displayed.

Utilizing metadata, Dolby Vision offers exceptional scene-by-scene picture accuracy, ensuring exactly the right level of brightness for every TV frame.

Bringing TV to life with a cutting-edge visual experience, the Toshiba range of OLED and HDR 4K TVs ensure an equally powerful audio performance, with features, such as speakers from leading hi-fi and home cinema brand, Onkyo.

Of the partnership, European Sales and Marketing Director, Bart Kuijten, comments "Enabling viewers to take home the movie theatre experience, this collaboration not only raises the bar for general TV viewing standards, but also for access to high quality content. Maximizing the value of our TVs as all-round home entertainment hubs, it ensures compatibility with a world-leading portfolio of Dolby Vision mastered content, which not only encompasses films, but also Blu-ray titles, TV series and video games."

"We are delighted to bring Dolby Vision to Toshiba's 2018 ranges of UHD TVs," said Javier Foncillas, VP, Commercial Partnerships - Europe, Dolby Laboratories. "As the content available in Dolby Vision continues to expand, from blockbuster movies to the latest series on the most popular streaming services, we look forward to working with Toshiba to bring the Dolby Vision experience to more consumers across Europe."

SOURCE Toshiba TVs, Europe

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