Google launches Preemptible GPUs for low-cost processing in the cloud

Google Cloud announces Preemptible GPUs in beta at 50% discount, says they can only be used for 24 hours and may be shut down with no more than a 30-sec warning 

In May 2015, Google Cloud introduced Preemptible VM instances to dramatically change how you think about (and pay for) computational resources for high-throughput batch computing, machine learning, scientific and technical workloads. Then last year, we introduced lower pricing for Local SSDs attached to Preemptible VMs, expanding preemptible cloud resources to high performance storage. Now we're taking it even further by announcing the beta release of GPUs attached to Preemptible VMs.

You can now attach NVIDIA K80 and NVIDIA P100 GPUs to Preemptible VMs for $0.22 and $0.73 per GPU hour, respectively. This is 50% cheaper than GPUs attached to on-demand instances, which we also recently lowered. Preemptible GPUs will be a particularly good fit for large-scale machine learning and other computational batch workloads as customers can harness the power of GPUs to run distributed batch workloads at predictably affordable prices.

As a bonus, we're also glad to announce that our GPUs are now available in our us-central1 region. See our GPU documentation for a full list of available locations.

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