Product Hunt 4.0 Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more

Product Hunt started as a simple list, surfacing new products to the world. Since then its evolved into a database of products with videos, images, conversation, related products, and much more, curated by the community. 

Ryan Hoover, Founder, Product Hunt: We've been quietly working on some big updates to the product pages. Our goal: make product pages more useful for the community and makers. Today we're introducing some additions:

  🏆 Badges — You'll notice some product are awarded a badge to highlight their popularity and past achievements (e.g. “#1 Product of the Month on May, 2017”). Example: Not Hotdog ✏️ Descriptions — Descriptions help illustrate what the product does, who it's for, and how it works at a glance. Example: Membit 😻 Reviews — Upvotes are a simple, powerful method of curation but they don't necessarily represent the “quality” of a product nor is it a fair metric when comparing products. Now you can write reviews to help others discover products you love (and those you don't). Example: My review of Spoonbill 🔗 Around the Web — We often see people link to news articles, reviews, funding announcements, blog posts, and other web links within the comments. Now you can add these links in a dedicated “Around the Web” section to provide more context and give everyone a place to learn more about the product. Example: AirPods 🐤 Social Links — You'll begin to see links to the team's accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, MySpace (j/k), and more. Example: Honey ✌️ Jobs — Often the best time to recruit is on launch day. Now makers can promote their open jobs on their product page by simply adding their AngelList company profile. Example: YC-backed Scale is hiring engineers

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