Lighthouse - Home security camera that uses AI to ID people and pets

The interactive assistant that tells you everything
you want to know about your life at home

Light is not a burglar.

False alerts are practically a “feature” on home security cameras because their ordinary sensors get tricked by pets, headlights and moving shadows. Lighthouse eliminates false alerts using a 3D sensor and machine learning, so it only notifies you when it detects actual movement triggered by a person it doesn’t recognize.

Need to know? Just ask.

Want to know “What did the kids do with the babysitter?” or “What did the dog do after I left?” Instead of scrubbing through hours of video or watching live view all day, all you have to do is ask, and the right moments appear instantly. It's not actually magic, but your friends will think it is.

Tell Lighthouse what you care about.

Simply ask "Ping me if the kids don't come home by 4pm on weekdays" or "Let me know when you see John with the dog while I'm out." Or maybe just "Tell me when you see the cat jumping in the kitchen." It's so much better than being told “something moved” for the umpteenth time.

Wave to say hello. Naturally.

Lighthouse recognizes natural gestures, like a simple wave. So while you’re away from home, your kids can wave to the camera to send you a hello that goes right to your phone. With two-way talk, you can say hello right back.

The future is bright.

Lighthouse has a 3D sensor and the most advanced machine learning ever put in a home device.

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