Transboard - Foldable electric scooter

The best combination of speed, stability and safety delivering a superior riding experience.

You Can Go for 20 Miles at 20 MPH on a Single Charge on a Stable Platform Giving you a Safe, Secure Ride Unlike Anything You Can Possibly Imagine.

"Transboard" gives you easy access to ecofriendly personal mobility in the city, in the country or anywhere else you happen to be.

Transboard Delivers Safe, Stable Transportation Anywhere

Double wishbone suspension is installed in the rev-tricycle frame of the the Transboard helping the rider to drive safe under any road conditions. Also, the special self-folding system helps Transboard to fold in one simple gesture. The result? Your transboard transforms into something like a travel carrier making it easy for you to carry it conveniently while folded.

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