Startup TV - Behind the scenes w/ makers and tech influencers, daily

Startup TV gets behind the scenes of the startup world, daily.

The world's most passionate founders, makers, and startup enthusiasts hang out on Startup TV on Snapchat and share their stories, products, and insights about tech.

Every day a new maker, founder, designer, investor, influencer, or anyone interesting from the tech ecosystem will do a "takeover" on our account to share their story, what they're working on, valuable tips, deep dive into their local startup ecosystem, etc. Sometimes it will be an individual maker, and sometimes we'll have an entire startup team taking over the account. We'll also do exclusive product demos where you'll see products from awesome teams well before they're ready to launch to get the inside story on what problem they're addressing and how they plan to conquer the market.

Sometimes we'll focus in on a city and cover startups/founders and sometimes will do interesting things like stack a series of takeovers with millennials(multiple takeovers on the same day) so they can give you the inside scoop on the products they're using day to day.

Source: Startup TV

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