Top 5 frameworks for Android app development

Android is a great mobile operational system that has become a base for millions of smartphones in more than 200 countries. In this article, we are talking about several efficient frameworks for developing Android apps grounding our choice on developers’ judgments.

Why do they need frameworks? The point is that it enhances the performance of applications, reduces expenses and the time spent for development. Basically, they shorten the basic preoperational process and help developers focus on creative and competent output.

Corona SDK. One of the best frameworks for developing games and applications in a timely manner. Its elegant API makes it in truth easy adding complex functions; all changes are instantly reflected in the process. The development itself is built on Lua, a simple yet productive programming language. Multiple advantages result in a unique easiness and effectiveness of development with Corona.

Xamarin. This framework gives a pleasant experience of application development due to its minimalism and lucid nature. You can create beautiful and useful iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac applications in C#. outsourcing vendor is Xamarin’s certified partner and uses it for program development, so you should not hesitate to try it out!

Appcelerator. Its creators claim two billion applications to be created with the help of this framework. Rather ambitious, these developers have a good instrumental base (Titanium SDK is an integrant part of a framework; it makes possible to use JavaScript programming language for development).

JQuery Mobile. Designed for working with touchscreens, this framework is keen on improving the responsiveness of programs. It bases on HTML-5, therefore, its applications are available on any tablet, smartphone or laptop, which raises the effectiveness of a development. Cross-platform products are a part of a popular trend, especially when it comes to applications that work on portative gadgets along with desktop platforms.

Dojo Mobile. This framework works with HTML-5 and JavaScript programming languages. It multiplies the diversity of possible cross-platform applications for Android (and iOS, as well). Dojo also offers cute templates of application design and MVC. It is a great shortcut if you need your program to be created as soon as possible.

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