Five Employee Benefits That Make Workers Happier

Keeping your employees happy is vital to running a successful business. Here are five tips that will help you do that a little differently.

Finding great staff is one thing, but keeping them is quite another. Once you’ve been through the recruitment drive and made your selection, it is absolutely vital that you do all that you can to keep those valuable employees happy and onside.

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can easily do this. It just takes a little leftfield thinking and a willingness to see things from their side of the fence. By making a few minor adjustments, you and your business can see major improvements in the way that your employees regard their jobs. Let’s get started.

Paid Voluntary Work

In the age of overall ‘wellness’ we all know just how important it is to look at life from a broader perspective. That’s why many companies are now offering their employees the opportunity to take part in voluntary work on full pay.

Paid time off to take part in voluntary work, or even just the opportunity to work more flexible hours, can give your business an air of social consciousness that will be welcomed by both the millennials you employ and the beneficiaries alike. All of which is great for your brand – win/win/win.

Help With Higher Education

Learning is an integral part of many people’s lives way after they walk out of the college or university gates for the last time. By offering your employees the chance to increase their knowledge, you’ll not only have workers with a higher value than when you hired them, you’ll also have far happier staff that will show your company a great deal of loyalty and respect.

Family Focus

Going above and beyond when it comes to those with new families can make all the difference to how a worker performs. Employees are putting in longer shifts than ever, so rewarding them with quality family time during the early years will be greatly appreciated and will often result in more productivity and an increased sense of loyalty.

Ditch The 9 To 5

With the ability to work from anywhere a reality for many businesses these days, lots of companies are changing the way that they view the working week. Take Netflix, for example. The Californian based streaming giant doesn’t track hours or holiday time – at all!

They believe that by having trust in their employees to get the job done efficiently they are creating a better work ethic and nurturing a much happier work environment. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is all a little bit too touchy-feely, however. Anyone caught taking advantage of this perk will be shown the door tout suite!

Financial Favours for All

Last but not least, comes the cold, hard cash incentive. Today’s workers may require a little more freedom and different benefits to those of yesteryear, but one thing still speaks louder than others – financial perks. This could take the form of a free annual gym membership that’ll keep your workers in good shape and less likely to fall foul of sickness, or a great pension scheme that will truly reward all of your workers’ efforts and encourage them to stay put in what is an increasingly transient job market.

Implementing employee perks and benefits is essential in today’s world of employment as more and more workers are expecting to be treated fairly and not simply seen as another cog in the machine. What you choose to do is entirely up to you and business, but you better get that thinking cap on fast if you’re not already trying to keep your workers happy and giving them a good reason to stay with your company.

Author bio:
Gary Keeley founded The Workplace Pension Consultancy, which provides auto-enrolment advice for businesses that are setting up staff pension plans.

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