Thursday, December 10, 2015

Marketing succeeds with three Cs – correct message, correct person, and correct time. Achieving all three accurately is a real challenge. With generic marketing, finding the right customers had become very difficult, let alone creating the right ads. Today’s scene is different with technology to take advantage of data and programmatic advertising to make the whole process quicker and more efficient. The end-product is higher targets, better efficiency, more relevant and impactful advertising.

Brands or channels, can hardly claim flourishing customer connections. Marketers should keep a regular check on how consumers are reacting to brand messages. One method of doing it is using programmatic media. It allows programmatic buying, by which different data points and complete understanding of your communication can be achieved. It can also identify touch-points.

Marketers also have to keep a watch on how advertising platforms are being used by others. Platforms help bring together dissimilar data points and also give a complete view of sales record. The result is a higher creative initiative in all campaign performances and efficiency in media purchase for the marketers.

Marketers need to maintain a consistent view of how people interact with their messages across devices and platforms. However, marketers are not the only ones programmatic buying benefits. Using platforms, media companies that are selling their inventory can find if their inventories are underutilized. It might require invoking corporate performance management.

Given the advantages of programmatic advertising, marketers are concerned about quality, transparency, fraud, technical complexity, and data security. It is really crucial to address the continuing trend of problems with programmatic buying. Marketers and publishers need to learn about solutions. They need to buy the models and technologies developed for effective programmatic media and put them to use rather soon.

One reason for SMEs struggling with programmatic buying is low budgets and small work-forces. Big companies can afford to find advantages from programmatic buying easily. Prominently, marketers are beginning to strike deals with businesses they like. Large companies can afford several people to train them on the platform, which the smaller companies have to do strategically.

Data-driven targets and digital delivery will allow programmatic advertising to succeed. This is also a formula for advertising for mobile, TV, and radio. By using programmatic advertising, it becomes easy to automate cross-selling and use auction-based real-time bidding. This helps to take advantage of audience targeting in a cost-effective manner. The technology is equally effective for internet-based digital delivery, in both, audio and visual media. The trends in the market suggest programmatic advertising to penetrate the mobile market soon and more rapidly than it is happening elsewhere.

Author Bio:
Preethi vagadia is a marketing manager worked in marketing department with top notch companies and has over 8 years of experience in content management solution,Advertising Technology,ad server software. Sports,content writing and music are her hobbies.

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