Tuesday, December 22, 2015

For a long time, it seemed that social media was simply a means to catch up with long lost friends from school. However, this kind of thinking is long gone. More and more, social media is becoming recognized as a powerful business tool to boost marketing, networking, and even productivity. Here are the three of the top ways social media could help benefit your own business.

Increase Brand Awareness

The old saying “if you build it, they will come,” holds less water when industries are filled with exciting startups and recognizable corporations from all around the globe. When the consumer has so many options available to them, you need to be thinking about what you can do to get their attention. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer the farthest reach of any potential media platform out there. Recent figures show that over 2bn people now have active social media accounts. Using social media sites as a platform to promote your business is the best way to legitimize your brand in the face of seemingly endless competition.

Further Market Research

If you aren’t interested in posting gifs on Twitter or creating viral videos for YouTube, don’t take that to mean your business doesn’t have any use for social media. Platforms like this provide the ideal opportunity to perform market research on both your consumers and your competitors in the industry. See what people are saying about you and your rivals to get a better idea about customer demand. Similarly, sites like LinkedIn offer you the ability to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Many organizations have turned to sites like this to fill vacancies with skilled and creative individuals.

Improve Internal CommunicationsFinally, it’s important to understand that social media isn’t necessarily limited to external communications. It can be a great benefit to internal work environments too. In the past, business owners have been reluctant to adopt more modern communication tools, like instant messaging, support forums, and shared task managers, in the fear that staff productivity would plummet. The reality is the complete opposite. Companies like Logicalis can create your own enterprise social platform that encompasses all the tools your employees are already familiar with. Since they have experience using them in their personal lives, they’ll be much more receptive to adopting them as a part of their workflow compared to traditional corporate communication solutions.

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