10 Of The Best Cross Platform Development Tools

Looking for versatile, innovative cross-platform development tools for your app development? Here’s a selection of the best currently in the market:

1. Xamarin

With Xamarin, developers can build many types of native apps on a shared codebase, which can be tested on dozens of other devices via the cloud. It is easy to integrate with apps like Parse and Azure, and it even provides online tutorials with the special Xamarin University Program.
Xamarin allows you to develop both .NET and C# for Android and iOS. For .Net developers, it is possibly the most powerful cross-platform development tool, which is why Objective IT has adopted it as tool of choice. Microsoft and Xamarin have a close working relationship that helps ensure the end product is bug-free. This, along with the ability to code application logic once for multiple platforms, shortens development time, meaning you can get your new products to market faster. This is invaluable in the fast-paced Internet where a delay in launch can result in a huge loss of market share.

2. Adobe PhoneGab Build

Adobe's new cross-platform development is the cloud-based PhoneGab Build, which uses the Cordova. This handy tool enables develops to create apps from one codebase across multiple platforms, from the iOS to the Android. With the hydration feature, you'll be able to debut and build cycles faster than ever before. This means your updates will be registered on previously installed apps so every member of your team is working on the latest version.

3. Kony

This cross-platform tool can be used on-site or on a private or public cloud, and includes advanced analytics and other testing tools so app developers can get started on a project right away. Developers can also use cross-platform JavaScript code, and Kony is particularly suitable for large enterprises with a wide variety of apps and devices.

4. Sencha

Ext. JS. Developers can use Sencha to develop apps in HTML5 that can easily be converted into other cross-platform apps. There has been a lot of discussion in the past year or so about the decline of HTML5, which was criticised for performance problems and lack of versatility. Hence, with this tool, you can easily move away and use another platform whenever you wish.

5. Appcelerator

App developers looking for a single JavaScript codebase with real-time mobile analytics should try Appcelerator, which can create apps for many non-hybrid and hybrid devices. In fact, it is compatible with more than 5,000 devices, and is open and extensible.

6. SAP

Although SAP has been known to confuse some app developers because of its traditionally complex platforms, it now offers a much simpler SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, which is ideal for app developers looking to create cross-platform enterprise apps in HTML5.

7. FeedHenry

App developers can also built a wide variety of apps via cloud networks with FeedHenry, which specialises in 'backend-as-a-service' cross platform app development for the mobile market. It has experience with a number of corporations, such as O2 UK and Ireland and Aer Lingus, and is also suitable for use on premises.

8. Alpha Anywhere 

Suitable for large mobile operating systems, Alpha Anywhere, is compatible with Macs and PCs, and even allows developers to use apps offline. Like many others, it also incorporates HTML5 and JavaScript

9. Unity 3D 

Targeting the games sector, Unity 3D has outstanding graphics and is suitable for a broad range devices, from the Xbos to iOS. It also offers track user analytics, and developers can create code easily via the UnityScript, although they can also use Boo or C#.

10. MobileFirst by IBM

HTML5-friendly, the IBM MobileFirst Platform offers versatile, integrated app development and is also compatible with native and hybrid mobile applications. It can be authenticated offline, and provides third-party library integration and locally stored data encryption.

Author bio:
Karen Harding is the marketing manager at Objective IT, one of the South East’s leading web and software development companies.

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