Four Adventures To Experience On Your Next Vacation

You and your friends spend your whole workweek sitting at your desk, sitting in meetings, or sitting in your car. So when you all finally get to go on vacation, wouldn't it be more exciting to have some adventures instead of just sitting on a beach somewhere? Exercise is known to relieve stress, and it's also just plain fun to learn a new skill. Plus, shared adrenaline-rich experiences can help to bring people together to form excellent memories, stronger friendships and lifelong bonds. With that in mind, here are four adrenaline-pumping activities to consider doing on your next group trip.

1. Whitewater rafting If there is a river in the area you are visiting, then odds are there is also whitewater rafting- one of the best options for a group adventure given the communal nature of the sport. Get a group of friends together and sign up to take a trip with a guide. After donning some safety gear and a quick tutorial, you will all find yourselves together in a raft, bouncing over roiling waters rowing in unison to try to avoid boulders in the current. Rapids provide blood-pumping thrills and the calms provide time for drinks, snacks, and general camaraderie.

2. Canyoneering Canyoneering is the exploration of a canyon through a combination of rock climbing, hiking, scrambling, swimming and rappelling. Wearing a harness, you and a group of friends will get a rush of adrenaline while discovering a hidden ravine using the strength of your own body and the use of ropes. Although not for the faint-hearted, canyoneering is an incredible thrill and will give you plenty to brag about to all your friends who stayed behind at home.

3. Zip-lining Zip-lining is an incredible way to get an overview of an area from above while getting thrills with a group of adventurous friends. After climbing up to a landing wearing a harness, each of you will get the opportunity to be clipped to a wire suspended above the ground and zip through the treetops from landing to landing. Afterwords, get together to relive the experience of flying and discuss any sights or wildlife you may have glimpsed while zooming along. Zip-lining is a fun way to take in some gorgeous views and enjoy some fresh air.

4. Snowboarding If you can't find time to get away during the busy summer, then plan a group snowboard trip. You can split up the costs of a cabin, rent gear, and spend the days skiing or snowboarding and the nights warming up over hot chocolate or stronger spirits. The first few times you try it, most new snowboarders will spend a lot of time on the ground, but if its soft-packed snow then it won't hurt and it is a lot of fun trying.

If you have a daring group of friends, then there is no better way to spend a group vacation than enjoying one of these fun and thrilling activities. Build memories and improve friendships by adding a jolt of energy to your vacation plans. As a bonus, you might find a lifelong love of adventure sports.

Author bio:
This article was written by Ryan Thomas for Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.

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