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Are you looking to stay in shape with the help of your smartphone? Then you have a lot of options. Some apps are designed for you. They track your exercise, record your food intake and constantly remind you to take water. Good fitness apps are user-friendly, easy to use and have simple to follow programs. Here are the 2. 5 best fitness apps in 2015 that will keep you fit throughout the year.


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This app allows you to log the time you spend exercising and the exercises you do. You may also use the GPS in your phone to record the distance and time spent while running. The “routes” option makes MapMyFitness one of the best. You simply click my routes’ to see the maps to follow while jogging or walking. The Nearby’ option is suited for popular exercises that are close to you. MapMyFitness has a diet tracking tool where you enter the food or fitness supplement you eat, then picking a serving size and the app will record the running tally of your calories.


It’s a free app that has a better pedometer than MapMyFitness. However, Argus does not have many features like MapMyFitness. Argus stands out for its interface that is fancy. It allows you to tap a particular icon to record your daily weigh-in, amount of your favorite bcaas, a glass of water downed or a nap. Just like MapMyFitness, Argus can use GPS, though it will not provide you with the splits. The app also allows you to a diary of food you take in the form of photos of the meals.



It makes the list of the top 5 best fitness apps in 2015 due to its brilliant performance. It works like your coach in that, you set goals, and the app gives you feedback in real time after a variety of exercises. The app keeps those records. It has a social networking feature just like most fitness apps. However, Endomondo assumes that the user goal is to share. Hence, you have to exclude most of the recorded data and features from sharing one after another. Endomondo could be made a bit more secure by the introduction of a single privacy button that would allow users to remove everything from sharing.



The app is well suited to runners. If you love competitions, then Strava is what you need. What makes it the best for runners is its innovation where you can compare yourself with others on other roads. The app provides sufficient privacy allowing you to set privacy zones around usual starting points so that other competitors cannot detect your residence.

Lose it

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This app tallies the calories in your body every day. It also provides you with an exercise log and a food diary. You can set your weight goal with lose it. The app provides you a graph of your progress. The diet tracker covers the whole diet including proteins, carbs and calories. With Lose it, you can know what is in prepacked foods by searching the food brand on the app to get all the nutrition information.

Conclusion With some fitness apps at zero cost, you can acquire your own and keep fit. Acquire one of the Above 5 best fitness apps in 2015 and be the next success story.

Author bio:
Daniel Sepp is a fitness expert and tech geek who writes about popular Android and apple apps. If you want to read more articles written by Daniel, feel free to visit MadBiceps.Com, a popular fitness blog.

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