Three Technologies to Ensure you Stay on Top of the Stock Market

They say that knowledge is power, and nowhere does that saying ring truer than the stock market. To make sure your investments go to plan, you’ll need to keep up on the latest news to see how the market’s developing or, if you’ve already made it, have somebody else doing the same thing for you. Whether you check your portfolio multiple times a day or just once in a while to see what’s new, there are many different ways to keep on top of the market. Here are three of the best solutions, ranging from those for experienced traders to those new to the market.

Experienced Traders

Sucden Financial are a personal service provider for those dealing in trade equities, options, futures, CFDs, and Forex. Their SMART WebTrader allows you to access all of this data from one location and, because it’s a web service, it requires no download or installation. You’ll have access to the company’s advanced charting and analytical tools aimed at predicting future market trends. Even with its advanced features, it offers a user-friendly interface experience with one-click trading and drag and drop modules. You can access a demo by signing up free online trading demo account.

Intermediate Traders

The advantage of the Bloomberg Business app is that it gives you access to the latest news stories from over 45 markets from the same location, including technology, currencies, emerging markets, and more. You’ll be able to sync your watch list across both the app and where you can track, manage, and analyse your personal holdings using detailed performance charts all reflecting the live market. Bloomberg Business is free to download for both iOS and Android, though it does features non-removable ads.

Novice Traders

Our final choice works a little differently than our other two picks. Stock Wars lets you take part in the market without having to worry about any financial consequences a beginner usually does. It’s instead designed as a tool to teach novice traders the basics of creating and managing their own portfolio. You can place real-time orders and compare your choices to other users with full Game Center and social media integration. When things get more serious and you want to go to the next level, you’ll be able to export your portfolio to any other application which uses the OFX format. Stock Wars is available for iOS for free, though it is supported by ads which can be removed for $2.

Whatever your current level, there’s an app or web-based service designed around your needs. Try taking a look at some of the different options to see which one makes the most sense for you.

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